Thursday, May 08, 2008

Alas...we bid farewell to Jason

The dreadlocked one fell the other night on Idol...and I'm with Ryan...I think Jason Castro looked relieved. I was relieved FOR him! He doesn't need to be the "American Idol"...seriously. He's too unique and cool for that. And so one dreadlocked dude is gone...but oh my GOSH I have another dread dude in my Ipod and you HAVE to get this album! Newton Faulkner. He so ROCKS! This whole CD is just AWESOME and he is a dreaded dude! How cool is that? Here's a couple clips I found...but TRUST will LOVE the entire album! HAND BUILT BY ROBOTS....

This is 'Teardrop'

and 'Dream Catch Me'

and you gotta love this one too! 'People Should Smile More'

Awesome! Oh yeah! and he has an ACCENT! Oh bestill my beating heart! LOL


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Daisy said...

Aw..I love this "People Should Smile More" video. Thanks so much for sharing it! I'm just surfing through some of the blogs and came across yours. I'm enjoying visiting your site. I have a blog called "Smiling With Daisy" that this video is just made for, so hope you don't mind, but I'm going to steal your idea and post it on my blog too. Hope you have a great week---and that you get to smile every day of it! :-)