Saturday, May 17, 2008

Aaaah....a great Saturday!

The sun was was GORGEOUS...and I pulled in downtown at 9:30 to meet my friends, Kimm & Christie, for the loft tour. I knew it was going to be a great day when I found a parking space RIGHT in front of the sign up place! PERFECTO!

It was a walking tour---self-guided....and let me tell you...we walked and walked and walked! It was GREAT! I only got a couple pics, but they were of one our very favorite was just way too cool and I need to live there! LOL The nice gentlemen that let me take pics in his loft, said they are actually going to be moving in a few months....I'm sure everyone around me had to put on their shades because that BRIGHT LIGHTBULB went off immediately! LOL Oh it would be fabulous to live downtown!

So these are pics from inside his loft. It was so cool and decorated just right! (*EDIT* Geez...sorry..the loft pics are super blurry! Just squint and imagine!)

Note the swing hanging from the beam? There were a couple of these throughout the they can swing their grandkids when they come over! How cool is that!!? This place was ductwork...old maple floors...just awesome!

And here's their kitchen...I love this lady...her decorating tastes were right in line with my friends' and mine! Imagine!

My friend Kimm, who is also an HGTV junkie much like myself, commented that she felt like we were on one of those shows where they're checking out apartments or homes and we were expecting Clive Owen or Suzanna Wong to pop out and start their commentary! LOL It was a great day. We had a great light lunch and just really enjoyed the day!

I did get batteries for the camera, as you can see, and so here are the pics I promised of those WONDERFUL wools from Tammy at They are fabulous! I love these two little bundles....the colors are amazing!

And here's the rest of the loot from her....I just love them all and can't wait to use them in something! Not quite sure yet, but I can see me building my wool stash as she pares hers down! LOL

Aren't they great? Yes...they are! Love them! was a busy day....ending with a trip to the Sioux Falls Canaries baseball game...we lost, but still...a night at the ballpark isn't all that bad! Great seats and Jake and his buddy had a fun time. I need to start thinking "blog pictures" when I do stuff so then this would be a much more interesting read! LOL I'll try and get better at taking pics of my day. Maybe after I get a new camera! LOL

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Daisy said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day! Those loft pictures are great. Looks like it would be a neat place to live. Those fabrics are beautiful too. If you create something from them, be sure and post more pictures. :-D