Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving along!

The backgrounds are FINALLY done on the vintage fruit needlepoints! YEAH! These babies are going on the blocking board tomorrow! Then I'll be on the hunt for the perfect decorator fabric and drippy fringes and trims to make a couple totally fabulous pillows for my red sectional. Yes...I've decided I will have a red sectional instead of just a red sofa. :o)

Moving right along..........


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cheap Thrills

I LOVE this bowl. I have two of them. They were a cheap thrill from my Dallas trip. When I go down there, I just love hitting the thrift stores and 'antique' malls etc searching for treasure. These were found at the Goodwill store. $1 each. They are heavy. They are wonderful. They are unmarked and I would love to know more about there's a name associated with this bowl. Does anyone know? Please oh please let me know if you have any information on this type of glass. I think it's old, but I only think that because they are HEAVY and there are no markings on them.

Another cheap thrill....

I love lilacs....I will suffer through the impending headache from the allergens being cast in to the air at this very moment, because they're so pretty. Besides...cut and in a vase, they only seem to last a couple days before they start smelling rancid. They're lovely!

In other news...the workin' out has been working out. Though I haven't seen any magical transformation of my thighs....I'm holding out hope that I will look at least a little better in a couple weeks on the beach in Mexico, than I would have looked had I not started the workin' out again! And I love the cheap thrill I get from the headiness after I'm done working out. Must be releasing those magical endorphins! LOL It really is great though!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wind Down

Well...the time is drawing near...the end of the long holiday weekend. The weather ended up cooperating on Sunday and again today. Sunshine all day long! Woooohooo!! LOVE that!

I can't say I got a ton of stuff accomplished, but then I suppose I didn't really set out to, but rather decided to just fly by the seat of my pants for the 3 days off, and that was very nice!

All in all it was a relaxing 3 days...and the boys were around most of the time acting goofy and making me laugh, as usual!

Brennan was home more than usual this weekend, which is surprising, given the fact that he's 23 and is usually out partying it up with his buddies.

I have to say that I am so proud of that kid. It's no secret to those that know me-know me that he was my challenge....rebellious as rebellious gets and it was such a heartache dealing with him from about the time he turned 15 until I gave him the heave-ho at the age of 18. Tough love me it does. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but after a few years of hard knocks and then this past year traveling the country and working, well, he's like a different kid. So nice and agreeable and not at all argumentative and disrespectful like he was he's 22 and really nice to be around and he dwells in the basement. :o)

Jake was also around pretty much most of the weekend, when he wasn't out skateboarding. The kid skateboards a LOT. A lot. Here he is though, in a silly moment, acting goofy because I wanted to take a picture of his hair.

He's growing that mass of curls out and they just hang like perfect little spiral ringlets. Some guys have all the luck. LOL *NOTE* No miniature schnoodles were harmed during this photo shoot. He was trying to use Emmitt as a shield against the camera. Goofy guy!

So that's a little peek into a few moments from my weekend. Now it's back to work tomorrow, but the good thing is----it's gonna be a short week!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Okay, Who Am I Kidding?

I can't bring myself to purge my stash! LOL What if I NEED a mucky color one day! Geez...but I CAN bring myself to rid the studio of that quilt! :o)

Do you suppose I'm completely hormonal? ha! Perhaps in another few days I'll decide to tackle the stash. Perhaps a complete overhaul and reorganization will do the trick. I'll uncover fabrics I really won't use in the future and then maybe we'll do a mass listing of stash. Maybe. maybe...........


Indecision!'re never going to believe this....but I don't like the quilt...yeah, that one down there that I just started. Not a fan of it. Man, what a difference 24 hours makes! LOL

Once upon a time, that was sooooooooo my color palette of choice to work with...but not anymore. It looks I say, 'Thimbleberries-ish'...and I am so far removed from Thimbleberries it's not even funny.

Having said that, I don't know what to do now, because I truly have no inclination whatsoever to see this thru to completion. at all. period. I need more color! Something kicked up a notch or two! and a little more interesting pattern. I need FUNKY and this is boring..not funky!

Perhaps it's time for another stash purge and some ebay listings to pass this color palette of fabrics on to another quilter that may appreciate them. And perhaps a UFO listing as well!

I'm giving myself permission to hang it up on this one and move on to the next. Because I can! ;o)


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Did you say Labor Day weekend?

The beginning of fall? Football season? Crisp temps in the air? Oh...huh? It's MEMORIAL Day weekend? The kickoff for SUMMER??? REALLY? Nah...can't be. It's, windy, overcast and rainy! The leaves should be turning any day now! LOL

Oh this weather! I want a sunshiney weekend!! Isn't that what Memorial Day is supposed to be? Sunshine, cookouts, and fun times? Well we're having none of that! Except the 'fun times' part...because I've decided to make my own fun time!

Today...I somewhat slept in...lounged with Emmitt and Starbucks (no...not a new pet---the coffee). Then I decided to get off my duff and go work out (Yay for me again...sorry..I have to plug myself so that when I read this back I'll be so happy and continue to work out).

Then it was downstairs to cut fabric for the blue/green/tan/gold quilt. *YAAAAWN* It's sooooooooooooo BORING....that quilt. I can't stand it! Here's proof:

It's just okay...waaaaay too boring though. So I'm just going to have to inject some 'me' in to this mix or it will never get pieced! And so this will end up being another one in the collection...since it's not going to read 'blue' when it's done now! I've decided to add some new fabrics. What do you think?

I think it needs the red red red...and a little black thrown in never hurts. I think this is going to change the whole dynamic of the quilt and it will be much more enjoyable to work on and to look at when it's done!

I took a break a few hours ago, though, and have never made it back downstairs. I ran a few errands and picked up the latest issue of one of my very fav' magazines....

La Vie Claire has the most gorgeous photographs and quotes and inspiration, and it's always a treat when I get a new issue! So I plopped my worked-out-butt in the recliner and lounged with Emmitt and La Vie Claire.

It's been an enjoyable Saturday, even without the sun. I hope you've been lucky enough to have some warmth and sunshine today!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Got It RIGHT! Yeah!

Yeah Baby! David Cook wins! America got it 12 million votes! I'm excited to hear him on the radio and get his cds, which isn't something I can say every year after watching American Idol! I LOVE this guy!

I could so be one of those women in the audience holding a sign that says "Cougars For Cook". LOL Did you see those signs? I did....too funny! There really *IS* something about him....that sheepish humble grin perhaps? Hmmmm....regardless..he is a winner! In every sense of the word! You rock, David!


Monday, May 19, 2008


I think it's really here now! I do....I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that we are finally done with the least for 5 months. (Okay---now as I read that back...that is one sad statement...only FIVE MONTHS of nice weather without a chance of snow??? Yeah...not good...going to have to do something about that! LOL)

And look what's right outside my door!

The crabapple tree is blooming! Beautiful!!! The lilac bushes surrounding the house aren't doing so great this year, but I can still smell that wonderful aroma in the air from time to time. I'm hopeful that they will get their full glory on and bloom bigtime! I LOVE lilacs!

In other news, I have a couple new is new and the other is new to me. The new this

I just got it this weekend and in thumbing thru the pages, I can't WAIT to make almost every single thing in this cookbook! I'm not kidding! Almost every single one sounds yummy and a must-make! And they are all DOABLE! Fabulous!

The other is not new to the market, but is new to me

Yeah yeah I's SPRING and I'm looking at a book about knitted scarves!? Yeah...refer back to paragraph 1....5 months before the shit starts flying again around here! So yes..I am looking at a book about knitted scarves! I have made it clear time and again that I fully intend to be a sock knitter. Period. But am still waiting for a class to hit the schedule at one of the two knitting shops here in town. Until then, I will bide my time with knitted dishcloths and scarves! That sounds boring, but it's all I can muster right now on the knit-front!

I've been continuing with the workout sessions and have fallen in complete love with the recumbent bikes and they have become my workout method of choice over the treadmill. I really SWEAT on that bike! And it's a great work out for the thighs! YEAH! What could be better!? Have been adding some strengthening and so am still quite hopeful that the flab will be contained before the plane takes off for Mexico on June 11.

It's going to be a great week....I can just feel it....and signs of it are right outside my front door!!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blues, Greens, Tans---Oh My!

A little while back, an old friend of mine said "You could make ME a quilt." and I said "Oh really? What's your favorite color?" and the response was "Blue". And so a week or so ago, I slowly kept pulling blues and then greens from the stash..laying them out and adding then taking away. Then I pulled a background print from the stash and this is what I ended up with:

*YAAAAWN* A little boring? And I have no clue nor idea for a pattern or what quilt I will make. Heck...I don't even know if said quilt will end up with said friend. And so I kept puttering around...and decided I liked the way the blues and greens looked with this goldish tan.

What do you think? It really warms up those fabrics! pattern sprung into the creative mind, still just aimlessly playing with fabrics.

Then yesterday, in true form, I decided if ONE goldish tan is good then MORE would be better! LOL And so I pulled more and more from the stash. THEN I actually picked up a book or two and started trying to find a simple pattern...because I'm just not that in to heavy piecing right's gotta be quick yet cool. And I think I finally maybe stumbled across one in 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts (I think that's the Evelyn Sloppy). The quilt is called Fall Frolic, but we'll just let that go, since the fabrics having nothing to do with fall and it's actually springtime! LOL So this is what has ended up on the cutting table:

I think it'll be nice, and I still don't know if it will be a quilt for the friend, or a quilt for me. We'll see when it's done! The great thing is, since it's scrappy, it'll be easy for me to make another if necessary!

So off I go to cut strips! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! The weather is gorgeous here! I'm heading downstairs to cut and watch the end of the Cavs game. Go Cavs!!!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Aaaah....a great Saturday!

The sun was was GORGEOUS...and I pulled in downtown at 9:30 to meet my friends, Kimm & Christie, for the loft tour. I knew it was going to be a great day when I found a parking space RIGHT in front of the sign up place! PERFECTO!

It was a walking tour---self-guided....and let me tell you...we walked and walked and walked! It was GREAT! I only got a couple pics, but they were of one our very favorite was just way too cool and I need to live there! LOL The nice gentlemen that let me take pics in his loft, said they are actually going to be moving in a few months....I'm sure everyone around me had to put on their shades because that BRIGHT LIGHTBULB went off immediately! LOL Oh it would be fabulous to live downtown!

So these are pics from inside his loft. It was so cool and decorated just right! (*EDIT* Geez...sorry..the loft pics are super blurry! Just squint and imagine!)

Note the swing hanging from the beam? There were a couple of these throughout the they can swing their grandkids when they come over! How cool is that!!? This place was ductwork...old maple floors...just awesome!

And here's their kitchen...I love this lady...her decorating tastes were right in line with my friends' and mine! Imagine!

My friend Kimm, who is also an HGTV junkie much like myself, commented that she felt like we were on one of those shows where they're checking out apartments or homes and we were expecting Clive Owen or Suzanna Wong to pop out and start their commentary! LOL It was a great day. We had a great light lunch and just really enjoyed the day!

I did get batteries for the camera, as you can see, and so here are the pics I promised of those WONDERFUL wools from Tammy at They are fabulous! I love these two little bundles....the colors are amazing!

And here's the rest of the loot from her....I just love them all and can't wait to use them in something! Not quite sure yet, but I can see me building my wool stash as she pares hers down! LOL

Aren't they great? Yes...they are! Love them! was a busy day....ending with a trip to the Sioux Falls Canaries baseball game...we lost, but still...a night at the ballpark isn't all that bad! Great seats and Jake and his buddy had a fun time. I need to start thinking "blog pictures" when I do stuff so then this would be a much more interesting read! LOL I'll try and get better at taking pics of my day. Maybe after I get a new camera! LOL

Until next time...


Friday, May 16, 2008

Well Crappers!

I was going to post some lovely pics of the luscious and yummy new wools I got from Tammy at (sorry---for some reason I can't post the link! You'll have to cut and paste!), but dammit if my camera batteries aren't "exhausted". Yeah...whatever!'ll have to wait until tomorrow! Trust's going to be worth the wait. They are WONDERFUL!

Tomorrow I'm meeting a couple friends and we're going to take a tour of the lofts downtown! Fun fun fun! There are 11 on the tour I do believe....I'm sure I'll have lots to talk about after that! I better leave earlier than planned now, due to the exhausted camera batteries! LOL I'm very excited, because I have always pictured myself living the funky artsy life in a loft, and so tomorrow I can get a glimpse of the life right here in Sioux Falls.

I just finished watching the Cavs take it to a Game 7! Yeah! Go Cavs! You know...that's the Ohio-raised gal comin' out! Gotta route for King James and the Cavs! Now I'm enjoying the Laker/Jazz game. Jake is at a 'last day of middle school' party (he's growing up..a boy-girl party.....*SIGH*), current spouse is asleep (surprise surprise!) and I'm all alone and lovin' it! ;o)

I think I'll go refresh my beverage and work on that last vintage fruit needlepoint! Enjoy your evening and we'll touch base tomorrow---with PICS!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh a Beautiful Day It Was Today!

WOW! The sun was shining...and then there was a little rain shower...and by the time I left work, it had just stopped showering and the sun was back out and it was warm! And there was that SMELL! That just-rained smell mixed with the sunshine and it was pure HEAVEN! A perfect thing to walk out into after a long day at work!

I did make it to the gym once again! Skipped the treadmill this time though....seems I may be developing shin splints. OUCH!! So it was the recumbent bike for me tonight and I actually think I got a better workout! Less calories burned...but I definitely worked up a sweat faster and was flushed and was working the thighs so it's all good! Came home and did a little strength workout and feel great!!! :o)

So this is a happy post! It seems like lately I've been posting not-so-happy posts, but I'm not depressed or anything...just jotting down my thoughts, etc. Thinking things through. It's all good.

And tomorrow is FRIDAY and so it just doesn't get much better! Hope your today was beautiful too!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indulge me please....

I was sooooooooooooo tired tonight.....was on the road yesterday for home late...was in a pretty much shitty mood...didn't sleep worth a CRAP last night and so was REALLY REALLY REALLY dragging butt today....BUT


I think that deserves some applause! LOL I'm on my way to a little more toned bod before I hit the beaches of Playa Del Carmen!

This is pretty huge for me because it would have been SOOOO easy to talk myself out of going tonight...I was tired....yadda yadda yadda...blah blah blah.....but I got up and went anyway!!!! And do you know why? Because it's true what they DO get addicted to exercise...or at least that feel-good feeling you get when you do it! So THAT's what motivated me...that, and the fact that I can just jam out to the ipod tunes for 40 minutes each time! Gotta love that! Feel the burn and listen to the tunes AND feel good all at the same time! This is a good thing!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Do you ever feel like...

your life is not your own? If you've ever felt that way...what did you do about it? Did you just live with it...or did you make some profound changes to gain some control of your life?

As the days go on...I feel like I'm not really living my authentic life...the one I really want to live. And, well, that's just a sucky feeling! I don't much like sucky feelings....not like I did when I was three and enjoyed sucking my thumb! Nah..I would prefer not to have the feeling.

I just feel paralyzed at times, as far as making changes so that I am happier with my life. I am a fundamentally optimistic person.....people that know me-know me know this about me. I always get the "Oh you're always so up!" "You're always so happy and fun" etc etc....and I don't TRY to be that way, it's just the way I am. Still...more and more lately I just feel a disconnect with my life the way it is right now.

If you've "been there, done that", I'd love to hear from you!


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Alas...we bid farewell to Jason

The dreadlocked one fell the other night on Idol...and I'm with Ryan...I think Jason Castro looked relieved. I was relieved FOR him! He doesn't need to be the "American Idol"...seriously. He's too unique and cool for that. And so one dreadlocked dude is gone...but oh my GOSH I have another dread dude in my Ipod and you HAVE to get this album! Newton Faulkner. He so ROCKS! This whole CD is just AWESOME and he is a dreaded dude! How cool is that? Here's a couple clips I found...but TRUST will LOVE the entire album! HAND BUILT BY ROBOTS....

This is 'Teardrop'

and 'Dream Catch Me'

and you gotta love this one too! 'People Should Smile More'

Awesome! Oh yeah! and he has an ACCENT! Oh bestill my beating heart! LOL


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Okay QUICK!!!!! Gimme your best tips for...

toning up 5 weeks!!! EEEEK! Mexico is looming...and I'm super excited...except for the fact that I'll be in a swimsuit! EEEEK!! My "target" areas are my upper arms...and my thighs.......any tips? Please PLEASE PLEASE leave comments with your suggestions! I'm thinking heavy duty treadmill workouts and weights...maybe some SlimFast lunches.......anyone else have any good suggestions? I'm getting nervous! Oh..and a tan! LOL Figure I'll do a little tanbed action so I'm not pasty white...doesn't that always make you look thinner??


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If I Could....I Would...

pre-order this guy's album! I LOVE how he just switches stuff up and it just ROCKS! Go David Cook!

I wish he could have sang more of the song, but that's okay. I'm definitely purchasing this on ITunes for the ol' iPod!

And even though he didn't do so great tonight...I'm still a Jason Castro fan. Love the dreads...those EYES...that SMILE! And I thought his Bob Marley choice was fine. But..ahem...maybe it's just that Jason's fine? LOL

David'm kinda sick of him and I won't care if he wins, because David Cook doesn't need the 'title' to succeed! Sayesha is a lovely young lady and she will also go far.

But David Cook, every week that he switches songs up....I mean, c'mon!! Billie Jean!?!?? Need I say more......he rocks!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Confession #129 - I Have a Different Life--In the Closet

I the hall closet! I purposely purchase things to use in my "real house"...the one that's decorated just like I want it to be....the one that I really see myself living in. I have two sets of fancy flatware that I plan to use in my "real house", with the vintage china I've been my "real house"....that is decorated with all of the lovely items currently stored up in the hall closet.

There will be lots of color injected in my "real house".....I will have a red sofa and colors on the wall and lots of pillows and quilts and music and smiling my "real house". How pathetic is that? I am in denial of some sort.

I am currently living in a house that is not specifically decorated the way I would like.....I've tried to inject as much of me as I can in it...but I'm met with resistance frequently, so I've kind of given up and have resorted to decorating my "real house" in my head...and have all of the accessories stored and waiting, along with two sets of fancy Reed & Barton flatware that I love but is deemed too ornate for another in the household. So it waits....for me and my "real house".

In the meantime, I sit on a brown chair....looking at a brown sofa....and another brown chair....with beige carpet....and if he could get away with it, I swear there would be camo in the room as well. I cannot stand the color brown. Seriously. Yet here I sit...among the brown furniture....dreaming of my real house with my red sofa. One day soon I will have a red sofa......and can empty the hall closet of it's treasures and live in my real house.

In the meantime, I store things for my real house in the hall closet. What is WRONG with me? I should seriously be asking myself why I have a different life stored up in the closet....why am I not living that life my current situation? I don't know....I've brought a few things out of the closet....but there's still way more up there...waiting. It's getting closer to being unpacked though...I can feel it! One way or another, I will live in vivid color!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

She Got Electric Boobs... heard during the B-B-B-Bennie & the Jets segment of 27 Dresses!

Great movie! If you haven't seen it yet...treat yourself! It's great!

Today---simple and relaxing day! Tooled around the house for a bit.....worked out for a bit. Yay me on that one! I actually went to the gym. I realized I have about 5 weeks to calm down the jiggly parts before I have to don a swimsuit in Mexico! Time to get serious about this! LOL So off to the gym I went for an afternoon workout...and it felt GREAT!

Came home and watched Waitress...and that just made me want PIE! LOL But I didn't have any pie....I had Crystal Light instead. Aren't you proud?

Tried to watch the Beatrix Potter movie....didn't finish it though. I'm sure it's charming, but I wasn't in the mood aparently!

Just got back from dinner out with my two wonderful sons...Coco Palace for some awesome rolls. Gotta love Japanese food! YUM! And now I'm watching basketball and getting ready to work on needlepoint. Still toiling away on the vintage fruits....background is about 1/2 done on the last one. Then it'll be time to hunt for a fabulous decorator weight fabric and tons of drippy fringe!

Hope your Saturday was pleasant as well! Go Spurs! *Peace!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Saturday Errands on Friday + Before & After!

Gotta love that! Means I have the WHOLE FLIPPIN weekend to do whatever I want!

First up-----I finally....FINALLY got the washer fixed. Sick of waiting on current spouse to do anything about's only been over a YEAR! EGADS! So I took the bull by the horns...otherwise known as PICKING UP THE PHONE AND WRITING A CHECK...and had Ron from Ron's Appliance Repair in this morning for a little repair session. Presto! Washer fixed! Imagine THAT!

Then watched Juno.....great movie !! Loved it!

Then it was off to take Emmitt to his big makeover today! Okay---it's really called a GROOMING appointment!

Emmitt Before:

Kinda resembles a teddy bear on steroids at this stage! LOL He's so funny!

and....Emmitt After:

A good grooming really brings the miniature schnauzer out in him!

Now he's all soft and snuggly! We'll be snuggled in for a night of movie watching! 27 Dresses is first up and we'll see what goes from there!

On the project front...I think I'll stitch tonight. Tomorrow, I may cut out an applique quilt...maybe. Not sure if I have a big enough chunk of background fabrics for the quilt I want to do. Vic's Red Thistle Quilt from Red Wagon. A good ol' red, green & gold applique quilt! Gotta love!

Okay---I hope you had a fabulous Friday!!! :o) It's raining...and they're calling for sleet and snow tonight! EEEK! HEL-LO! It's MAY! Somebody tell Mother Nature it's MAY! MAY!!!! No snow!!!! Who cares if it'll be up in the 50s tomorrow..there's just something fundamentally wrong with residing in a place where it flippin SNOWS in MAY! Ahem...okay....'nuf said! LOL


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tell Me What You See in This Pic?

BLISS! That's what I see! Heaven! A FABULOUS next few days!!!

Current spouse is gone for a whole WEEK! Fishing at Lake Erie...for A * WHOLE * WEEK! Now...those of you that know me-know me KNOW that this is BLISS for me! Those of you that know me-know me KNOW that there's a reason I never say I'm married to my best friend...because I'm not! LOL And so I'm just ECSTATIC that I have a WHOLE WEEK to myself! celebration...I have taken a vacation day tomorrow as well! WOOOHOO! A long weekend! DVDs galore....some Blue Moon...and pizza! Aaaaah.....tis a wonderful life I will be leading! LOL

Come on' Kool & The Gang with me...."Cellll ebrate good times..C'MON!"

Okay--there's something a little sad about that fact that I'm so damn happy this evening!