Saturday, April 05, 2008

What A Diff!

Wow! Happy Saturday! And spring is in the air! What a difference 4 or 5 days makes! The snow's gone...the sun is shining...and I was being serenaded by this guy..

I love cardinals! They are my favorite bird! Because they're RED (fav' color) and they remind me of dad (State bird of Ohio). And this morning he was looking RIGHT AT THE FRONT DOOR...calling me! A great start to the day!

Then I did a little cleaning and redecorating of sorts...not much...just moving side tables here and there and re-doing some funky accessories.

I repotted the plant...and the cool pottery vase with the wooden arrow/paint quill thingies I picked up in Dallas a few weeks ago. So I just dinked around with stuff for a bit, before heading out to the grocery store and post office. Emmitt went along and he had a blast sticking his body out the window enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Then back home we came, and I finally made it down to the sewing studio to work on Jake's new quilt...found a neat Alexander Henry skateboarding fabric in Dallas and a super easy super quick pattern and waalaaaah...the guts are done.

If only I had looked in the stash BEFORE the quilt shop closed...I would have realized I do not HAVE any mottled or solid black for the inner this isn't going to be done today like I had hoped....but at least the end is in sight and this will be off to the quilters before we know it! If I had a longarm machine of my could actually be QUILTED by next week...but I don't, so it won't be. And would I really want a longarm anyway? It's something I've thought about here and there, but haven't really jumped on it, so it's still just a background thought.

We had a lovely dinner and now I'm going to clean up the kitchen and either take a nice long hot shower, or stitch....or both. Oh yeah..and there's still laundry to do too. :o/ Damn...forgot about the laundry.'s been a great day and I hope yours has been equally superb!


While heading to the laundry room, I spied a lovely bright orangey-red solid on the stash shelf and it works PERFECTLY as a skinny inner border for Jake's quilt! so it may get all pieced tomorrow after all! YAY Hooray for the Stash!


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QuiltingNanny said...

Speaking of longarm machines .... I do own one for my own use and charities. It's not a super duper model .. Nolting 18". But you might find this blog interesting
"Longarm - is it for you" at