Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Bid Farewell to Ramiel...

and we cried...didn't we? She seemed like such a sweet and likeable girl! Hated to see her go...even though I didn't think she would actually win American Idol...I enjoyed her personality and her voice! She really could sing...just wasn't showcasing it.

It was a busy day and I, once again, am doing a photoless blog post! Sorry! Hubby and eldest son headed out to Denver to pick up a new piece of equipment for hubby's business. Hopefully it will be the spark needed to really get things rolling and then that will open up my options for work as well! *fingers crossed* He went to pick up a rollformer....he does sheetmetal and standing seam metal roofing and so this lovely new machine will make the job easier, faster, and more cost efficient! And hopefully it will free up time for him to do MORE projects in a shorter amount of time! So I figure I'll be his marketing person, sales person, and bookkeeper. Hmmm...I'm already the bookkeeper...I wonder what this triad of positions will pay! ha! So far I'm really cheap (as in FREE).....gotta fix that! If enough work gets lined up, then we can pay ourselves! Fabulous concept! ha!

Okay....hope your Wednesday was grand! *Peace!

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