Friday, April 11, 2008

Survival Mode

I've kicked in to that today. No..we didn't end up with ALL the snow they predicted...thank God! We did get some...and it was an icy and slushy and cold WINDY mess today...but I did persevere!

I went to my special place, as directed by the wrapper of a little Dove chocolate I ate..Do you ever read those wrappers? Cracked me up "Go to your Special Place" that's what I did! I relived some of my time in Dallas...was that just a month ago I was enjoying sunny warm temps and having a BLAST!? Geez...a MONTH!

Okay--this was taken purely as "bait" for case we ever decide to relocate!

Woodward Skate the mall. Heaven for Jake, I would say!

And then one big bro and I were waiting outside the grocery store for Miss Mona and this guy pulls up beside us...and, well, I just HAD to take a picture of his CAR!!!

OMG can you beLIEVE all that trash! was extremely CLEAN trash, but trash none the less! Hmmm...was he on his way to the recycling, we wondered? Nah..can't be.....there was just too much all around him and it looked like it had been there for a while. And it looks like he likes to eat pretty much the same thing...whatever comes in those lovely clear long containers...a coney dog perhaps? Who knows...but it was just funny to's this little man that climbed out of this rolling recycling bin! LOL

Oh what fun the trip was! Seeing family and just hanging out...going thru mucho vino. And oh! I got to meet my sweet great-niece. I think that's what she is?? My niece's daughter. Aimi...pronounced "I-me"...she's 1/4 Japanese and BEAUTIFUL! Isn't she precious?

Such a happy little girl, she is, she is!

So the Dallas memories kept me from going insane with this latest little blast of winter! That...and another tune from remember Pat don't you? Hottie Mr. Monahan? Yeah...thought so! Anyway...I leave you with my soundtrack for the day...I thought the title was fitting ....The Great Escape!


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TamboinMO said...

Not familiar with Pat Monohan, but I love his voice...reminds me a bit of Enrique.

As for the trash car.....let's hope it's headed to the recycling center...or perhaps it's one of those people who are trying to live with their trash they create....