Friday, April 18, 2008

So what did you do this weekend?

Do you get that question on Monday mornings? And do you answer "Oh nothing much." That's what I do...and OBVIOUSLY I do stuff on the weekend! Just never seems too exciting come Monday morning. So I thought I'd keep a little synopsis of my weekend!

Oh should make for some exciting reading...NOT!


~Yacked with Jake and Brennan about their day.
~Surfed and did some blog reading.
~Fixed dinner.
~More blog reading and surfing.
~Attached Ipod to head and blared the tunes while I....
~Worked on piecing the latest quilt (unnamed at the moment)

~Drank entirely too much iced tea.
~Continued working on the quilt.
~More laundry.
~More piecing....and more tea! LOL

~Damn!! I love me some Hootie being piped in to the head! Rockin! Join me!

~Answer emails (laptop is in the studio w/ convenient!)
~Short little groovin' break in the sewing room to dance (must be the tea!)
~Wardrobe's past 10:00...a respectable time for jammies
~Put the pedal to the metal and more piecing
~Serenaded Ellie the Fat Cat while sewing. I know she LOVES that! Can't you tell!

I'll stop by saying this could go on for hours and hours...Hootie really does have quite an extensive library and it's all in my iPod....and I haven't made it thru the gallon of Luzianne I brewed before I came downstairs! So I'm wide awake...sewing and will probably be a little deaf in the morning if I keep the music at this volume...but it's just so GOOD! LOL So that's how I'm spending Friday night....hope you're having as much fun as I am! ;o)

We'll see what the rest of the weekend brings!


p.s. Sorry if you were offended by my warped sense of humor in my previous post. I really can't come up with any's just who I am! LOL

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