Thursday, April 03, 2008

Signs of Spring???

The snow's almost gone!!!! Oh sure...there's still a little dirty pile here and there...but for the most part, I can see the yard! YAY! That's good...right? Right! Except for one small thing......the snow is melting....I can see the grass......and it's MUDDY! Soooo...a sure sign of spring is when I see THIS:

THIS is my bathtub! And's not a reflection on my housekeeping skills! This is what it looks like whenever we let the dogs outside unsupervised....they come in the back door and know they have to stop on the rug...we check their paws...which in Emmitt's case, they're usually CLUMPS of MUD and not really paws at all! See...he LOVES to run the fence between our house and the neighbors, because the neighbors have puppies too..and they also like to run the fence with Emmitt. Oh they have great fun! EXCEPT...our GARDEN plot is right by the fence. get the picture! And so in to the tub they go....several times a day! As it warms up, we'll have the hose at the ready outside to take care of this....and Sam surely does love it when we fill up the little kiddy pool for him...he plops right in the pool and washes his own paws! I kid you not! Emmitt, on the other hand, has to be forced. Go figure. ;o)

Anyway....I don't mind the mud TOO much right now, because I know it means the snow's going away! Hope you can see the grass...or the mud...wherever you are! Tomorrow's Friday! YAY!!!



Katrina said...

LOL! Chloe and Sophie are still tiny enough we can throw them in the sink for a bath. they love to play in the yard and don't care about the weather :-).

TamboinMO said...

Crack me up! Love the picture of your bathtub...I can totally relate!!! Thanks for visiting my blog...I"ll add you to my list of spots to visit.