Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Story of Randy and My First Time

I had thought about this moment for quite a long time......excited but yet wondering if I really wanted to take this step....knowing I really did, but still a little scared.

Was it going to hurt? I heard that it does...and, well, I've never done this sort of thing before. Having always been a 'good girl', this just kind of went against that whole persona, and so I was nervous. Was he going to be able to tell I was nervous? Would he be annoyed at my pensiveness? Would I cry?

The 'he' in this life-story insight is Randy. Very nice guy, soft spoken, quiet, not what you would expect by looking at him. Super nice but by appearances, not necessarily a guy my parents would have approved of. But I didn't let that stop me. I was, after all, able to make my own decisions, and I had decided that Randy was going to be the one.

Still...even though Randy was very nice and seemed like an understanding kinda guy, I was still nervous. I mean, after all, once you take this step, there's no going back. You are changed....forever. You only have a 'first time' once. And I wanted this to be perfect. After much thought, I was sure I wanted Randy to be "the one".

The stage was set....and I was excited AND scared at the same time. I asked him if it would hurt......he concurred, in his quiet and calming voice, that it might. I was ready....let's DO IT!

I was so scared and nervous....and when we started, there were so many thoughts racing through my mind....was he the right one.....will I regret this in the it happening right now? I don't feel much pain? Is this how it is? This isn't so bad!

I survived...and felt like a changed woman! Completely liberated! And I knew, from that moment on...I would never be the same. It was EXHILIRATING! And when I shared with my mom what I had done, she was horrified. But I didn't care. It was worth it to me! And I would never be the same!

Please meet Randy....he was so gentle!

What did you THINK I was blogging about? LOL If you're ever in Fort Worth, TX....look him up. Randy Adams Tattoo Studio. I'm just sure he wouldn't mind being YOUR first either! ;o) Randy WANT him to be your first! Trust me on that!



Anonymous said...

I must admit…you had me going!!! And I was even with you when you did it!!! LOL! It never occurred to me that you were speaking of Mr. Adams!!!! TOO Funny!!!
Glad to hear you’re reminiscing about good old Big D. We had fun while you were here too :o))))

Jeanne said...

you totally got me on this one kim!! thanks for the laughs!