Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last weekend update....

I finished piecing the quilt....haven't named it yet....interior is all woven plaids and outer border is a LOVELY saturated-with-color asian print. The PLAN is that the interior pieced part will rest in the center of the bed with the asian print dropping down along the sides.

The thing is HUGE! Wonder how much it's gonna cost to get it quilted?'s another shot...

So with the quilt done....I did some errands....Emmitt went along...and we enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps!

He LOVES to feel the wind against his ears! LOL

Then we came back home and I decided to pound out another quilt...finished it up Monday was stupidly simple...but, for me, it was all about the fabric. I pick up any amount of this fabulous Martha Negley print every time I see it! And I had intended to use the light in this quilt up in the asian/plaid combo, but decided against it. And when I tossed it aside...well, it landed near the Martha Negley print and I had an "A Ha!" moment and decided to just do a little two-color number.

Quick, simple and I still have about 6 yards of the Martha print for another quilt with a little more substance! Perfect! I think this one will probably double as a table cloth from time to time...I just love that red print! YUM!

So..that's a wrap up of my LAST weekend! I'm ALMOST ready to spend some time with a stitching needle and/or some yarn! But there are a couple more quilts calling, and I would really like to get some applique blocks prepped...haven't done that in a LONG while!

Hope your week's going great! *Peace!

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