Saturday, April 26, 2008

In '65, he was 17......

and I was being born...but oh man do I love Jackson Browne! Seriously....who CARES that he was 17 the year I was born....older men just do something for me apparently! I was so very lucky to see him live and in person from the third row in a very intimate setting (okay..not intimate like THAT! LOL)....a great acoustical set...back in ...oh...I think it was 2003 when he was here. I won two tickets, limo and dinner for two from a local radio station. I was a lunatic and entered that contest CONSTANTLY and OMG did I just about DIE when they called my name out over the radio! YES! I won! I called up a great groovy girlfriend who would appreciate his music (current spouse would DEFINITELY not appreciate he was out)....we had such a great time! Just Jackson and all of his guitars...and a keyboard. It was pure heaven. This man....I don't know....his music speaks to me....and...well....yeah...he is a fine, fine specimen of a man!

Check him out here with his fabulous "These Days" and check out that MUG! LOL

Okay---stand in line ladies...he's mine! LOL

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Melissa said...

Uh, excuse me he's my next husband! Did you see him on the Ed Begley, Jr. show on HGTV? His home is completely off the grid. I have loved him since I discovered The Pretender when I was nine or so. Yes, I was a bit dark back in the day....LOL...I know what you mean about his music speaking to you. I've seen him in concert a few times, once with the spousal unit who I have to say woke up one night when I was listening to Fountain of Sorrow and said, "OMG, that song is absolutely incredible." My DH prefers Prince to Jackson but it didn't stop him from letting me a son after him. LOL. Have you seen the Going Home video--it was on Disney years and years ago, I scored one for $9.99 at my FYE one day. It was like the powers that be knew my video tape was busted and it was $60 on Amazon at the time, I just found it behind the CDs in a bin for $10. Sometimes the stars do line up just right.