Saturday, April 26, 2008

Drafts, Draft and Rummages

That was what my today was filled with! Drafts...from the chill in the air. Yesterday...yeah...yesterday, April 25, 2008...snow. Yeppers...more of that horrid white stuff. and then WIND. and THEN slushy sleet. and THEN more snow. Can you say awful? and White Out on the interstates? Ridiculous for this time of year, I do believe! LOL

So today...there was a little draft....but the sun came out and the snow melted away and the mud is back, so all is well again in my corner of the midwest! LOL in NFL Draft! Did you watch? Aw c''s FUN! The 'boys are being quite aggressive and obviously have a 'plan'. Can't wait to see what unfolds tomorrow!!!

In between watching the Draft.....I went rummaging. Every year about this time, we have the big "Kingswood Rummage". Kingswood is a large neighborhood area in the city, and the entire housing area turns in to one big giant rummage sale. BUT...due to the wasn't such a great year it seems. Except that meant sales were down and people were more than willing to deal today! I picked up a few things....some lovely older HEAVY cut glass lamp bases. Two of the them for $4 each! SCORE! they WORK and they are tall and they are HEAVY! Also picked up a sleek modern wood lamp for $5. Don't know why I was on a lamp kick....but I was apparently! Lighting = suedo sunshine perhaps? Okay--moving on....also got an odd large ceramic green leaf. It's big...figure it can hold keys or something or just look lovely on the large ottoman coffee table I will have in my real house (that's a whole other story---the real house reasoning!). What else...oh...I picked up some depression glass looking shot glasses. Tall shot glasses. Never know when those will come in handy, and at a quarter a piece, well...yeah...I figure a buck is a buck and they came home with me. And also I scored a vintage candy tin from England that has a great art deco look to it and it was A BUCK! SCORE again! In FABULOUS shape!

And so...that was my day today! Hope yours was full of fun and relaxing moments!


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