Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's!

OMG we had fun at the office with the guys! It was the classic rigging of a stall in the mens room....ladies pant legs resting on a pair of heels...a handbag on the floor.....they each freaked out one by one...thinking there was a lady in the mens room. Some of them were concerned...she had, after all, been in there for a LOOOONG time. Others were just embarrassed and frantically searched for an alternate alleviation station. It provided a lot of laughs! Classic!

American Idol...Dolly Parton....hmmmm.....interesting. I would have to say little David Archuletta pulled it off...and Michael Johns...my oh my oh my....my my my.....mmm.mmmm.mmm. FANTASTIC! I would REALLY like to see Kristy Lee Cook go home...sorry if you're a fan, but I cannot stand her for some reason. She's GOT to go.....last week with her 'God Bless The USA'...I wanted to GAG....instead of coming off as patriOTIC...I found it rather patroNIZING (or maybe I'm just sick sick sick of hearing that song! Please don't leave me scathing comments questioning my patriotism...just not a fan of that song since...well...hmmm...since 1984!!) and was hoping that would do her in. But alas...had to put up with her another week. I'm sure she's a sweet gal and all...but.......yeah.

I hope your today was a great one and that you didn't get slammed too badly with April Fools' pranks! *Peace!

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Katrina said...

Love the prank! Too funny.

I am with you, don't like her, don't like dredlocks boy, and I don't like Ramiele. Any of them could go. Dolly needs to stop having surgery, I hate the chin implant. I do love her music, just not sure how it works for American Idol.