Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another Goosebump Moment...compliments of

Jason Castro! I just love this guy! Love the look, love the dreads...love the icy blue eyes...love the glimpse of his spirit/soul that comes through when he speaks and sings, and he NAILED it tonight with his rendition of 'Over the Rainbow'!

This was right up there with his 'Hallelujah' performance for me! Goosebumps!!! Thanks, Jason! ;oP

And damn if Kristy Lee Cook didn't pick one of my favorite Martina songs....and so CRAP -----that means I'm gonna have say that I liked her tonight. Granted she didn't quite WAIL like Martina does....but she was pretty good.

Michael Johns looked FI-INE and sounded fine! Rocker David....I didn't know the song, so can only guess that it was okay. Makes me wanna go google Our Lady of Peace and hear more!

Carly Smithson aka Tattoo sleeve chick......eh...okay. No doubt she can sing but there seems to be a little defiance in her demeanor that puts me off. This one was just okay from her. I love her when she sings Heart though! She can rock a Heart song! Unfortunately for her (and Kristy Lee Cook as well) I think it hurts her that she had a record deal previously. So both of them seem like they act like they have something to prove...and...well....yeah. Maybe American Idol isn't the stage for that sort of agenda. Y'know?

And of course David A was fine...he makes it look so easy! A very talented kid! and Sayesha was okay, too.

Brooke is my other favorite on the show...I've liked her since auditions...she's got that earthy thing going that I just love and who in the HECK doesn't love a good Carole King song every now and again! Rock on Brooke!

I would say my bottom 3 would have to be Carly, Sayesha and maybe David C may find himself there this week (sorry, David). But if he does, he'll be sent to safety. I think maybe it's Sayesha's time to go.

BTW...there's tons of Jason Castro on YouTube...from his Texas A&M Interview (love it!) to performances from his church and the Dallas club scene...check him out! You just may become a fan! I leave you with his 'Hallelujah' performance...which I love and have downloaded in to my iPod!


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Katrina said...

I agree with you on Carly. Jason's not my favorite, I always want to cut his hair, LOL. I do like Brooke too, she's one of my favorites. David A., just too something for me. I can't put my finger on it, I am not crazy about him. I can't believ ewe have to wait until Thursday to see who goes home.