Saturday, April 26, 2008

Drafts, Draft and Rummages

That was what my today was filled with! Drafts...from the chill in the air. Yesterday...yeah...yesterday, April 25, 2008...snow. Yeppers...more of that horrid white stuff. and then WIND. and THEN slushy sleet. and THEN more snow. Can you say awful? and White Out on the interstates? Ridiculous for this time of year, I do believe! LOL

So today...there was a little draft....but the sun came out and the snow melted away and the mud is back, so all is well again in my corner of the midwest! LOL in NFL Draft! Did you watch? Aw c''s FUN! The 'boys are being quite aggressive and obviously have a 'plan'. Can't wait to see what unfolds tomorrow!!!

In between watching the Draft.....I went rummaging. Every year about this time, we have the big "Kingswood Rummage". Kingswood is a large neighborhood area in the city, and the entire housing area turns in to one big giant rummage sale. BUT...due to the wasn't such a great year it seems. Except that meant sales were down and people were more than willing to deal today! I picked up a few things....some lovely older HEAVY cut glass lamp bases. Two of the them for $4 each! SCORE! they WORK and they are tall and they are HEAVY! Also picked up a sleek modern wood lamp for $5. Don't know why I was on a lamp kick....but I was apparently! Lighting = suedo sunshine perhaps? Okay--moving on....also got an odd large ceramic green leaf. It's big...figure it can hold keys or something or just look lovely on the large ottoman coffee table I will have in my real house (that's a whole other story---the real house reasoning!). What else...oh...I picked up some depression glass looking shot glasses. Tall shot glasses. Never know when those will come in handy, and at a quarter a piece, well...yeah...I figure a buck is a buck and they came home with me. And also I scored a vintage candy tin from England that has a great art deco look to it and it was A BUCK! SCORE again! In FABULOUS shape!

And so...that was my day today! Hope yours was full of fun and relaxing moments!


In '65, he was 17......

and I was being born...but oh man do I love Jackson Browne! Seriously....who CARES that he was 17 the year I was born....older men just do something for me apparently! I was so very lucky to see him live and in person from the third row in a very intimate setting (okay..not intimate like THAT! LOL)....a great acoustical set...back in ...oh...I think it was 2003 when he was here. I won two tickets, limo and dinner for two from a local radio station. I was a lunatic and entered that contest CONSTANTLY and OMG did I just about DIE when they called my name out over the radio! YES! I won! I called up a great groovy girlfriend who would appreciate his music (current spouse would DEFINITELY not appreciate he was out)....we had such a great time! Just Jackson and all of his guitars...and a keyboard. It was pure heaven. This man....I don't know....his music speaks to me....and...well....yeah...he is a fine, fine specimen of a man!

Check him out here with his fabulous "These Days" and check out that MUG! LOL

Okay---stand in line ladies...he's mine! LOL

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last weekend update....

I finished piecing the quilt....haven't named it yet....interior is all woven plaids and outer border is a LOVELY saturated-with-color asian print. The PLAN is that the interior pieced part will rest in the center of the bed with the asian print dropping down along the sides.

The thing is HUGE! Wonder how much it's gonna cost to get it quilted?'s another shot...

So with the quilt done....I did some errands....Emmitt went along...and we enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps!

He LOVES to feel the wind against his ears! LOL

Then we came back home and I decided to pound out another quilt...finished it up Monday was stupidly simple...but, for me, it was all about the fabric. I pick up any amount of this fabulous Martha Negley print every time I see it! And I had intended to use the light in this quilt up in the asian/plaid combo, but decided against it. And when I tossed it aside...well, it landed near the Martha Negley print and I had an "A Ha!" moment and decided to just do a little two-color number.

Quick, simple and I still have about 6 yards of the Martha print for another quilt with a little more substance! Perfect! I think this one will probably double as a table cloth from time to time...I just love that red print! YUM!

So..that's a wrap up of my LAST weekend! I'm ALMOST ready to spend some time with a stitching needle and/or some yarn! But there are a couple more quilts calling, and I would really like to get some applique blocks prepped...haven't done that in a LONG while!

Hope your week's going great! *Peace!

Friday, April 18, 2008

So what did you do this weekend?

Do you get that question on Monday mornings? And do you answer "Oh nothing much." That's what I do...and OBVIOUSLY I do stuff on the weekend! Just never seems too exciting come Monday morning. So I thought I'd keep a little synopsis of my weekend!

Oh should make for some exciting reading...NOT!


~Yacked with Jake and Brennan about their day.
~Surfed and did some blog reading.
~Fixed dinner.
~More blog reading and surfing.
~Attached Ipod to head and blared the tunes while I....
~Worked on piecing the latest quilt (unnamed at the moment)

~Drank entirely too much iced tea.
~Continued working on the quilt.
~More laundry.
~More piecing....and more tea! LOL

~Damn!! I love me some Hootie being piped in to the head! Rockin! Join me!

~Answer emails (laptop is in the studio w/ convenient!)
~Short little groovin' break in the sewing room to dance (must be the tea!)
~Wardrobe's past 10:00...a respectable time for jammies
~Put the pedal to the metal and more piecing
~Serenaded Ellie the Fat Cat while sewing. I know she LOVES that! Can't you tell!

I'll stop by saying this could go on for hours and hours...Hootie really does have quite an extensive library and it's all in my iPod....and I haven't made it thru the gallon of Luzianne I brewed before I came downstairs! So I'm wide awake...sewing and will probably be a little deaf in the morning if I keep the music at this volume...but it's just so GOOD! LOL So that's how I'm spending Friday night....hope you're having as much fun as I am! ;o)

We'll see what the rest of the weekend brings!


p.s. Sorry if you were offended by my warped sense of humor in my previous post. I really can't come up with any's just who I am! LOL

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Story of Randy and My First Time

I had thought about this moment for quite a long time......excited but yet wondering if I really wanted to take this step....knowing I really did, but still a little scared.

Was it going to hurt? I heard that it does...and, well, I've never done this sort of thing before. Having always been a 'good girl', this just kind of went against that whole persona, and so I was nervous. Was he going to be able to tell I was nervous? Would he be annoyed at my pensiveness? Would I cry?

The 'he' in this life-story insight is Randy. Very nice guy, soft spoken, quiet, not what you would expect by looking at him. Super nice but by appearances, not necessarily a guy my parents would have approved of. But I didn't let that stop me. I was, after all, able to make my own decisions, and I had decided that Randy was going to be the one.

Still...even though Randy was very nice and seemed like an understanding kinda guy, I was still nervous. I mean, after all, once you take this step, there's no going back. You are changed....forever. You only have a 'first time' once. And I wanted this to be perfect. After much thought, I was sure I wanted Randy to be "the one".

The stage was set....and I was excited AND scared at the same time. I asked him if it would hurt......he concurred, in his quiet and calming voice, that it might. I was ready....let's DO IT!

I was so scared and nervous....and when we started, there were so many thoughts racing through my mind....was he the right one.....will I regret this in the it happening right now? I don't feel much pain? Is this how it is? This isn't so bad!

I survived...and felt like a changed woman! Completely liberated! And I knew, from that moment on...I would never be the same. It was EXHILIRATING! And when I shared with my mom what I had done, she was horrified. But I didn't care. It was worth it to me! And I would never be the same!

Please meet Randy....he was so gentle!

What did you THINK I was blogging about? LOL If you're ever in Fort Worth, TX....look him up. Randy Adams Tattoo Studio. I'm just sure he wouldn't mind being YOUR first either! ;o) Randy WANT him to be your first! Trust me on that!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Survival Mode

I've kicked in to that today. No..we didn't end up with ALL the snow they predicted...thank God! We did get some...and it was an icy and slushy and cold WINDY mess today...but I did persevere!

I went to my special place, as directed by the wrapper of a little Dove chocolate I ate..Do you ever read those wrappers? Cracked me up "Go to your Special Place" that's what I did! I relived some of my time in Dallas...was that just a month ago I was enjoying sunny warm temps and having a BLAST!? Geez...a MONTH!

Okay--this was taken purely as "bait" for case we ever decide to relocate!

Woodward Skate the mall. Heaven for Jake, I would say!

And then one big bro and I were waiting outside the grocery store for Miss Mona and this guy pulls up beside us...and, well, I just HAD to take a picture of his CAR!!!

OMG can you beLIEVE all that trash! was extremely CLEAN trash, but trash none the less! Hmmm...was he on his way to the recycling, we wondered? Nah..can't be.....there was just too much all around him and it looked like it had been there for a while. And it looks like he likes to eat pretty much the same thing...whatever comes in those lovely clear long containers...a coney dog perhaps? Who knows...but it was just funny to's this little man that climbed out of this rolling recycling bin! LOL

Oh what fun the trip was! Seeing family and just hanging out...going thru mucho vino. And oh! I got to meet my sweet great-niece. I think that's what she is?? My niece's daughter. Aimi...pronounced "I-me"...she's 1/4 Japanese and BEAUTIFUL! Isn't she precious?

Such a happy little girl, she is, she is!

So the Dallas memories kept me from going insane with this latest little blast of winter! That...and another tune from remember Pat don't you? Hottie Mr. Monahan? Yeah...thought so! Anyway...I leave you with my soundtrack for the day...I thought the title was fitting ....The Great Escape!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

One word....


Need I say more? I thought not....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Future Project???

I think yes! YES YES YES! I love Sue Spargo and her work...and THIS will be my next investment and project. Mercer Lane.'s luscious--don't you think? The COLOR! WOW! The medium speaks to's just yummy!

The internet is such a creative utopia! All the knitting...the rug hooking (I'm considering trying it again, with a different hook and frame!)...the mixed media...I love it all! And want to do it all! And WILL do it all! I'm not going to limit myself by saying I am a quilter...or I am a knitter....I am a fiber artist! I love it all! Don't you?


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another Goosebump Moment...compliments of

Jason Castro! I just love this guy! Love the look, love the the icy blue the glimpse of his spirit/soul that comes through when he speaks and sings, and he NAILED it tonight with his rendition of 'Over the Rainbow'!

This was right up there with his 'Hallelujah' performance for me! Goosebumps!!! Thanks, Jason! ;oP

And damn if Kristy Lee Cook didn't pick one of my favorite Martina songs....and so CRAP -----that means I'm gonna have say that I liked her tonight. Granted she didn't quite WAIL like Martina does....but she was pretty good.

Michael Johns looked FI-INE and sounded fine! Rocker David....I didn't know the song, so can only guess that it was okay. Makes me wanna go google Our Lady of Peace and hear more!

Carly Smithson aka Tattoo sleeve No doubt she can sing but there seems to be a little defiance in her demeanor that puts me off. This one was just okay from her. I love her when she sings Heart though! She can rock a Heart song! Unfortunately for her (and Kristy Lee Cook as well) I think it hurts her that she had a record deal previously. So both of them seem like they act like they have something to prove...and...well....yeah. Maybe American Idol isn't the stage for that sort of agenda. Y'know?

And of course David A was fine...he makes it look so easy! A very talented kid! and Sayesha was okay, too.

Brooke is my other favorite on the show...I've liked her since auditions...she's got that earthy thing going that I just love and who in the HECK doesn't love a good Carole King song every now and again! Rock on Brooke!

I would say my bottom 3 would have to be Carly, Sayesha and maybe David C may find himself there this week (sorry, David). But if he does, he'll be sent to safety. I think maybe it's Sayesha's time to go.

BTW...there's tons of Jason Castro on YouTube...from his Texas A&M Interview (love it!) to performances from his church and the Dallas club scene...check him out! You just may become a fan! I leave you with his 'Hallelujah' performance...which I love and have downloaded in to my iPod!


Monday, April 07, 2008

WOWZER what a game!!!!

Sorry all you Memphis fans (hi Melissa!), but I was really hoping Kansas would win...and they did! But not handily! OMG I can't believe all the missed free throws at the end of regulation...and that 3 pointer to tie it....and then pretty much OT domination....way to go Kansas! Thanks for a great game!!!


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sometimes the Stash Knows Better!

I'm so glad I couldn't find any black for the inner border on this quilt! I love that bright pop of orange red (forgive the fuzziness of the pic...I need a new camera!)!

It was meant to be...the stash knows! I know it was meant to be, because when I was putting stuff away...lo and behold, but what did my eye spy in the stash...yep...a cut of solid black! LOL Now it's time to get a back pieced and off to the quilters it will go!

Any of you quilters out there....does anyone happen to know the name of this quilt pattern?

I took this picture many years ago (2002 or 2003) at the Minnesota quilt show, loved it...still love has been pinned to the wall beside my sewing machine. I would love to know the name of the pattern so I can look for it online. I know, I know, good luck finding THAT! But I gotta keep the faith! ;o) I can't remember if it was "Stars & Vines" or something like that. Anyone have any idea?

So it's been a pretty good the quilt done! YAY! It's carbonara for dinner (Yum!) and stitching this evening! The laundry's almost done, so I'll be set to "coast" for the rest of the evening! Hope your day was grand!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

What A Diff!

Wow! Happy Saturday! And spring is in the air! What a difference 4 or 5 days makes! The snow's gone...the sun is shining...and I was being serenaded by this guy..

I love cardinals! They are my favorite bird! Because they're RED (fav' color) and they remind me of dad (State bird of Ohio). And this morning he was looking RIGHT AT THE FRONT DOOR...calling me! A great start to the day!

Then I did a little cleaning and redecorating of sorts...not much...just moving side tables here and there and re-doing some funky accessories.

I repotted the plant...and the cool pottery vase with the wooden arrow/paint quill thingies I picked up in Dallas a few weeks ago. So I just dinked around with stuff for a bit, before heading out to the grocery store and post office. Emmitt went along and he had a blast sticking his body out the window enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Then back home we came, and I finally made it down to the sewing studio to work on Jake's new quilt...found a neat Alexander Henry skateboarding fabric in Dallas and a super easy super quick pattern and waalaaaah...the guts are done.

If only I had looked in the stash BEFORE the quilt shop closed...I would have realized I do not HAVE any mottled or solid black for the inner this isn't going to be done today like I had hoped....but at least the end is in sight and this will be off to the quilters before we know it! If I had a longarm machine of my could actually be QUILTED by next week...but I don't, so it won't be. And would I really want a longarm anyway? It's something I've thought about here and there, but haven't really jumped on it, so it's still just a background thought.

We had a lovely dinner and now I'm going to clean up the kitchen and either take a nice long hot shower, or stitch....or both. Oh yeah..and there's still laundry to do too. :o/ Damn...forgot about the laundry.'s been a great day and I hope yours has been equally superb!


While heading to the laundry room, I spied a lovely bright orangey-red solid on the stash shelf and it works PERFECTLY as a skinny inner border for Jake's quilt! so it may get all pieced tomorrow after all! YAY Hooray for the Stash!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Signs of Spring???

The snow's almost gone!!!! Oh sure...there's still a little dirty pile here and there...but for the most part, I can see the yard! YAY! That's good...right? Right! Except for one small thing......the snow is melting....I can see the grass......and it's MUDDY! Soooo...a sure sign of spring is when I see THIS:

THIS is my bathtub! And's not a reflection on my housekeeping skills! This is what it looks like whenever we let the dogs outside unsupervised....they come in the back door and know they have to stop on the rug...we check their paws...which in Emmitt's case, they're usually CLUMPS of MUD and not really paws at all! See...he LOVES to run the fence between our house and the neighbors, because the neighbors have puppies too..and they also like to run the fence with Emmitt. Oh they have great fun! EXCEPT...our GARDEN plot is right by the fence. get the picture! And so in to the tub they go....several times a day! As it warms up, we'll have the hose at the ready outside to take care of this....and Sam surely does love it when we fill up the little kiddy pool for him...he plops right in the pool and washes his own paws! I kid you not! Emmitt, on the other hand, has to be forced. Go figure. ;o)

Anyway....I don't mind the mud TOO much right now, because I know it means the snow's going away! Hope you can see the grass...or the mud...wherever you are! Tomorrow's Friday! YAY!!!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Bid Farewell to Ramiel...

and we cried...didn't we? She seemed like such a sweet and likeable girl! Hated to see her go...even though I didn't think she would actually win American Idol...I enjoyed her personality and her voice! She really could sing...just wasn't showcasing it.

It was a busy day and I, once again, am doing a photoless blog post! Sorry! Hubby and eldest son headed out to Denver to pick up a new piece of equipment for hubby's business. Hopefully it will be the spark needed to really get things rolling and then that will open up my options for work as well! *fingers crossed* He went to pick up a rollformer....he does sheetmetal and standing seam metal roofing and so this lovely new machine will make the job easier, faster, and more cost efficient! And hopefully it will free up time for him to do MORE projects in a shorter amount of time! So I figure I'll be his marketing person, sales person, and bookkeeper. Hmmm...I'm already the bookkeeper...I wonder what this triad of positions will pay! ha! So far I'm really cheap (as in FREE).....gotta fix that! If enough work gets lined up, then we can pay ourselves! Fabulous concept! ha!

Okay....hope your Wednesday was grand! *Peace!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's!

OMG we had fun at the office with the guys! It was the classic rigging of a stall in the mens room....ladies pant legs resting on a pair of heels...a handbag on the floor.....they each freaked out one by one...thinking there was a lady in the mens room. Some of them were concerned...she had, after all, been in there for a LOOOONG time. Others were just embarrassed and frantically searched for an alternate alleviation station. It provided a lot of laughs! Classic!

American Idol...Dolly Parton....hmmmm.....interesting. I would have to say little David Archuletta pulled it off...and Michael oh my oh my my.....mmm.mmmm.mmm. FANTASTIC! I would REALLY like to see Kristy Lee Cook go home...sorry if you're a fan, but I cannot stand her for some reason. She's GOT to go.....last week with her 'God Bless The USA'...I wanted to GAG....instead of coming off as patriOTIC...I found it rather patroNIZING (or maybe I'm just sick sick sick of hearing that song! Please don't leave me scathing comments questioning my patriotism...just not a fan of that song since...well...hmmm...since 1984!!) and was hoping that would do her in. But alas...had to put up with her another week. I'm sure she's a sweet gal and all...but.......yeah.

I hope your today was a great one and that you didn't get slammed too badly with April Fools' pranks! *Peace!