Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a difference a week makes!!!

Just one short week ago I was enjoying SUNSHINE and temps in the 70s and Dallas! :o/ What the hell happened? Oh wait....that's RIIIIGHT! I came back to South Dakota! UGH! Woke up this morning to SNOW! YUCK! I am so SICK of this crap!

Anyhoooo.....thought I'd share some memories of the trip! On Wednesday evening, we had a lovely dinner at my mom's house. This is a pic of me, mom, Mona and my brother Richard....after a couple glasses of wine no doubt! Good time!!

And on was treasure hunting day...I love the 'antique' and 'junk' malls down there! Always find SOMETHING to bring back, and this year was no exception. I always try and find some unique sewing item...pincushions usually...and I found THIS one in Carrollton...

Love it! Pottery and a pincushion in one! Gotta love it!

And then on Friday, at the quilt show, I finally decided on a purchase..and got this great kit by Moda:

I just loved the saturated and mucky look of the colors in this one! Mona picked one up as we'll have twinner quilts again! YAY!

So today...I've been daydreaming about my wonderful and warm week in the Big D...and sewing strip sets. I'm reminded that not only do I dislike cold temps, but strip set sewing can be so very boring! But I shall carry on....and get the strips sets sewn so I can piece this beauty! Doesn't it look kinda hippie retro-ish? Love those colors!

And speaking of hippie....I know you all cannot WAIT to see my tattoo...ha! But I'll wait until it's healed completely so I can spare you the leg shot with my razor stubble peeking thru the sun!

Until next post...*Peace!

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Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Kim, love that pic of you and your family. You look like your mom!!! Ah ha!! I know strip quilting is boring..I have one that's been sitting waiting for me for 3 mos...but the results are good! Love the wooden pin cushion. Please do show us the tatoo. Hugs, Deb