Monday, March 24, 2008

New Fabric....and a Peek of Spring?

I picked this fabric up in Dallas at the quilt show....the birds just spoke to me in their own bird chirping way! And the fact that it was a funky looking batik helped as well! Now I have to just figure out what to DO with it! I'm thinking of adding to the batik stash---this weekend. Seems the quilt shop up the street is having a sale...30% off! WOW! So I think I will get some batiks....and use this as a border...with a little in the quilt pattern too! Now to find a pattern!

And cute is THIS:

This is a close-up from a block in a quilt at the Dallas show. You can, of course, check out my pics from the show this year in my webshots album (kwiltykim83). I just smile every time I see the face of that flower! LOL Doesn't it just scream "Happy Spring!". Now...if only the weather would cooperate!


1 comment:

Katrina said...

Very cute and bright! Love it. The fabric is gorgeous too :-).