Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Guts are Done!

Yessirree...the guts are done on the kit I picked up in Dallas a couple weeks ago. I'm actually thinking of foregoing the border on this one...for one reason because I'm not crazy about the border print....and for another reason, I am starting to dislike measuring and cutting borders! LOL

Actually...I think there's enough solids breaking up the fabrics that a no-border option is okay with this one....a nice strong solid binding to end it...what do you think? Unlike my Sonnet Rail Fence, which I have yet to show you. It's VERY busy with NOTHING to break up the fabrics and it NEEEEEEDS the borders that it will eventually have. I had planned to get it done this weekend, but as of this very minute, I'm a little tired of sitting at the machine, so it may not get done today.

As promised, here are pics of some of the fabrics I bought at the Dutch Rose sale. I picked up 4 different batiks to go with that bird batik from Dallas....

The two darkest fabrics you see are just a couple from the stash---non-batiks---that I think I'm going to have to use in the quilt....needs some darkness I think.

And then here's the latest Westminster adds....from Kaffe and Philip Jacobs...LOVE THESE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Not sure what they're going to be come yet....but I'm sure I'll figure it out! ha!

And on a more somber was a year ago this weekend that Jake and Emmitt and I ventured East to Ohio for a wonderful fun visit with Dad! The sun was shining...Jake had fun reconnecting with his cousins...Dad was in GREAT spirits...albeit without his hair, but he was in rare form and still getting along just fine.

We were planning summer outings, and I had already had things lined up to make monthly visits to see was a 1,000 mile drive..but well worth it. And we spent time talking about how good he felt and that he thought he had at least one more good year left in him........if only we knew....that in two short weeks....everything would change. And that in another two weeks, he would be gone. I miss him so much. I feel like there's nobody to take care of me anymore...not that he was still literally taking care of me...but you know what I mean. He raised me to be quite strong and capable, so I can certainly take care of myself! Still---it was always nice to know I could pick up the phone and he'd be there.

Okay---ENOUGH of that! I don't want to get all depressed! So chin up, I say to myself! Chin up!

Hope your weekend is going great! Texas just got beat...*SIGH* hopes ride on Davidson for the ultimate upset! :o) *Peace!


Well and die by the 3 pointer and Davidson's run is over. Shit shit shit! I was hoping they would make it. Crap!


Melissa said...

Hey I'm a University of Memphis girl!! I'm so excited they are in the final four. Back in the day when the spousal unit and I were still dating we drove from Memphis to Dallas to see them play in the Sweet Sixteen or maybe it was the final eight so March Madness has been crazy around my house the last week or weekend, is going to be LONG especially if Memphis doesn't win it all!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Lots to see, Kim, and I see you were running from the Sun this entry. I remember your Dad, and am thinking of you and him.
Aren't those Kaffe Fasset fabrics killer?! I have collected some, and I stare at them regularly... Are you stopping by my blog at all?? I don't hear from you anymore!! I miss you! :]
Hugs, Deb

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hey, wait...did I miss something? Where's the picture of the tatoo lady's leg????

Mona said...

Hola Miss Kim! It is me...your sweet sis-in-law to be!!!
I remember this weekend as well - From Jan to May was so long and so hard. We'll HAVE to make it up there for the annual bon-fire!!! It can be anytime really - just so we all get together and sit around sipping on our wine and talking about all of the old days - He'd LOVE that!!!
Anywhooo - AWESOME picks on the fabric!!!! I remember the smaller floral ones - they are a couple of my favs!! Cabbage Rose had sooo many Kaffe Fasset's to choose from - Richard had to put blinders on me LOL! And after nearly 2 hours, he held my hand and pulled me out!
Ciao for now {{HUGS}}

Jacque said...

I thought about you at the buzzer last night. I know you were rooting for Davidson, and I really thought us Jayhawk fans were going to be disappointed, but honestly...Davidson played terrific!! How a 10-seated team could go up against a 2-seater and do so fantastically gives them hopes that next year could be their year!