Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Change is good.....

right? Yes...nod your head and say it with me..."Yes, Kim...change is good." Okay, good. :o) I'm thinking of letting out a little more of "me" in this blog instead of all this day to day light banter...

Now don't get me wrong....I'll still go on and on about fabric and new projects and all that good fun artsy stuff....but I'll probably start interjecting a little more of my opinions...about stuff in general....and they CAN be strong at times!

I realize this may not be entertaining to some....but it's something I need to do....at least in a little way.

Things really changed for me when I lost my dad...seriously. I was NOT prepared for that at ALL and even though it's almost been a year...something in me just really changed at that very moment. I can't quite explain it. And it could be that good ol' perimenopause...but I actually think it's a compilation of a lot of things.....age (even though I still feel 25!)....life lessons learned....kids growing up and leaving home....and finally being a little more comfy with who I really am instead of being who others WANT me to be. I know there are great things in store for me and the rest of my life. And I'm finally ready to just let out the real me...like it or not...ready or not...here I come!!!!


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Katrina said...

Change is a good thing! I look forward to getting to know you a bit better :-).