Saturday, March 15, 2008

Batteries are dead...

in the camera, but I will have TONS of beautiful quilts to show you when I get back home! The show was great...tons of was a good show again!

Yesterday.....temps in the 80s and more SUN SUN SUN!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! Today...a light breeze..temps in the 70s and SUN SUN SUN!!! WooooHoooo!!!! Lovin 'it!

I will be leaving Dallas with some "permanent sun" the tattoo. Couldn't help it and figured why the hell not! I can check that off my list now. LOL

I visited Moda Fabrics headquarters while I was here this time...met Mr. Mark Dunn, and had great conversation. What an impressive operation they have! WOW! A solid company with great people!

I've had great food and fun and family visits...and tomorrow I'm scheduled to fly home. To temps in the 30s I believe. *SIGH* Thank goodness I have my permanent sun. ha!

Pictures coming in the next post! *Peace!

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