Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back in the Groove....

or is it a rut?? hmmmm.....too soon to tell, but there's definitely a need for change in the air...still! Is it spring fever? Cabin fever? Stale work-life? All of the above???? THESE are the questions. ha!

So the trip to Dallas was very nice....the weather was sinuses didn't bother me at ALL! Food was big brother, soon to be sis-in-law, and I took in some yummy cuisine the week I was there! Wow! die for SUSHI!!!!...oh...and oysters on the half shell!!!! YUM!!! All things I can't really enjoy up here. It was great! So much to see and do down there!!! I need to visit a LOT more often!!! I think a quarterly trip would be nice! And though I flew this's just a 12 hour drive....surely that's do-able!?!? :o)

The quilt show was great!!! There were more whole-cloth quilts this year....just absolutely mind boggling! HAND QUILTED whole cloth quilts....with the quilting so TINY and SO PACKED that you just can't imagine that being done by hand! Unbelievable! And of course, fabulous art quilts...and beautiful traditional ones too!

I thought this one was was one of the first ones I saw...and, well, with my sinus struck a chord with me!

Attack of the Ragweed! (by Tonya Littman)

Do you suppose the artist is an allergy sufferer? LOL I kid you not...that's what it was entitled "Attack of the Ragweed". LOL

You can see more quilts from the show in my Webshots album. Just search "albums" for "kwiltykim83" and there should be a 2008 Dallas Quilt show album in there! Last year's show is there as well! Enjoy! *Peace!

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