Monday, March 31, 2008

Just NOT Funny Anymore!!!!


is the view out my front door this morning.


**March 31, 2008**

is today's date.

It's not funny ALL. I am so sickeningly sick of the have no idea. Seriously---no idea. It's almost like the blanket of white is acting as sound proofing, so that the cries of my family can grow louder!

"Please come back to Dallas!"
"You really should move back to Dallas!"
"You KNOW you hate the cold...ya'll need to get back to Texas."

Not the best way to start out a Monday! I hope it's sunny wherever you are! And Deb...I'll get pic of my permanent sunshine up soon. But with this snow and's staying covered by woolen socks! LOL


Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Guts are Done!

Yessirree...the guts are done on the kit I picked up in Dallas a couple weeks ago. I'm actually thinking of foregoing the border on this one...for one reason because I'm not crazy about the border print....and for another reason, I am starting to dislike measuring and cutting borders! LOL

Actually...I think there's enough solids breaking up the fabrics that a no-border option is okay with this one....a nice strong solid binding to end it...what do you think? Unlike my Sonnet Rail Fence, which I have yet to show you. It's VERY busy with NOTHING to break up the fabrics and it NEEEEEEDS the borders that it will eventually have. I had planned to get it done this weekend, but as of this very minute, I'm a little tired of sitting at the machine, so it may not get done today.

As promised, here are pics of some of the fabrics I bought at the Dutch Rose sale. I picked up 4 different batiks to go with that bird batik from Dallas....

The two darkest fabrics you see are just a couple from the stash---non-batiks---that I think I'm going to have to use in the quilt....needs some darkness I think.

And then here's the latest Westminster adds....from Kaffe and Philip Jacobs...LOVE THESE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Not sure what they're going to be come yet....but I'm sure I'll figure it out! ha!

And on a more somber was a year ago this weekend that Jake and Emmitt and I ventured East to Ohio for a wonderful fun visit with Dad! The sun was shining...Jake had fun reconnecting with his cousins...Dad was in GREAT spirits...albeit without his hair, but he was in rare form and still getting along just fine.

We were planning summer outings, and I had already had things lined up to make monthly visits to see was a 1,000 mile drive..but well worth it. And we spent time talking about how good he felt and that he thought he had at least one more good year left in him........if only we knew....that in two short weeks....everything would change. And that in another two weeks, he would be gone. I miss him so much. I feel like there's nobody to take care of me anymore...not that he was still literally taking care of me...but you know what I mean. He raised me to be quite strong and capable, so I can certainly take care of myself! Still---it was always nice to know I could pick up the phone and he'd be there.

Okay---ENOUGH of that! I don't want to get all depressed! So chin up, I say to myself! Chin up!

Hope your weekend is going great! Texas just got beat...*SIGH* hopes ride on Davidson for the ultimate upset! :o) *Peace!


Well and die by the 3 pointer and Davidson's run is over. Shit shit shit! I was hoping they would make it. Crap!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Aw c'mon....don't we all remember the Bay City Rollers? ha! Okay okay...they're NOT in my Ipod, but I couldn't resist! LOL

So here we are...Saturday night...just came up from the sewing studio where I was busily working away on the yet-to-be-named quilt. pics in this post, but hopefully tomorrow it'll be all done! The blocks are to just get them sewn together and get borders on.

Today was good...slept in....that's always nice....lounged with multiple cups o' java...again, always nice....went to the quilt shop down the street....30% off all bolted fabric...THAT's always nice too! LOL I'll post pics tomorrow...I'm too lazy to go down and snap a!

I watched Xavier get beat.....but was excited to see a hometown boy, Dante Jackson, get some court time! He hails from my hometown...Greenfield OH. He was a McClain Tiger! Gotta love a hometown boy! :o) But...a Davidson v. Xavier match wasn't meant to be. I'm quite hopeful Davidson will pull another HUGE upset tomorrow and take Kansas out....we shall see, we shall see!

It's late...but it's Saturday I'm going to get a cup of coffee and pick up a needle! Hope your day was grand! Pics tomorrow---promise!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Confession #37 - I Am a Sports Junkie

I didn't want to go in consecutive order...thought I'd shake things up a bit ! LOL So this is confession #37...I, am a sports JUNKIE. It's true...can't help it....that's what you get when you're raised with 3 brothers and are a complete Daddy's girl! Current spouse finds this odd...he thinks it's very very strange that a woman would love sports so much...he's NOT a sports junkie...yet another 'difference' we have. LOL But I am...and I make no apologies about it!

So it should come as no surprise that I'm all about the NCAA tourney these days.....and I have two dream matchups......

The gal raised in the Buckeye State would have to want a Xavier vs Davidson matchup...I'm a sucker for the underdog, which is Davidson.......

and the girl that sorely misses living in Texas would have to go for a Texas vs Davidson matchup.

Then I would be happy regardless of who wins! But as you see...the one constant is Davidson.

The Davidson Cinderalla path is so great ...and with this little babyfaced kid who happens to be a manic scoring machine...Stephen Curry...

and the fact that they're this small liberal arts school (Hooray for the Liberal Arts), outpowering big big almost have to say "Go Davidson!"

I think I'll be watching the games AND working on the latest quilt! Pure Friday Heaven!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Confession #1 - I'm in love with Pat Monahan

No really....I LOVE this guy! LOOK at that face and then LISTEN to his lyrics and OMG I just LOVE him!!! If you're not familiar...he's the lead singer for Train...and you MUST MUST MUST ...must RUN to get his solo cd...because you will LOVE it, if you don't already have it! Last of Seven. Here's a few of my fav's in no particular order...and just LOOK at that face! OMG....I'm wiping the drool away....

Enjoy the sounds AND the sight of him!

Don't you love the pose on the cd cover? Yes...he is quite the looker! AND he can sing...

I admit it....I'm a bit crazy. LOL Pat, himself, would say...I...Am...Three Kinds of Crazy......Track 4 people....get the won't regret it! Pat---call me!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Much Did We LOVE This Guy last night...

I'm a fan....he really does ROCK! Yes...he did/does have a HUGE skull, but at least he's grown in to it and he can WAIL!

I tossed and turned all night.....and kept thinking every time I rolled over that it was going to be FRIDAY today. DAMN if I wasn't wrong! UGH! Just Wednesday. I really have to do something about the work situation.....I feel like I'm wasting my life.....wishing it away and just working for the weekend.

Yeah..say it with me..."Change is good!". Change.....that's what's in store for me!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Change is good.....

right? Yes...nod your head and say it with me..."Yes, Kim...change is good." Okay, good. :o) I'm thinking of letting out a little more of "me" in this blog instead of all this day to day light banter...

Now don't get me wrong....I'll still go on and on about fabric and new projects and all that good fun artsy stuff....but I'll probably start interjecting a little more of my opinions...about stuff in general....and they CAN be strong at times!

I realize this may not be entertaining to some....but it's something I need to least in a little way.

Things really changed for me when I lost my dad...seriously. I was NOT prepared for that at ALL and even though it's almost been a year...something in me just really changed at that very moment. I can't quite explain it. And it could be that good ol' perimenopause...but I actually think it's a compilation of a lot of things.....age (even though I still feel 25!) lessons growing up and leaving home....and finally being a little more comfy with who I really am instead of being who others WANT me to be. I know there are great things in store for me and the rest of my life. And I'm finally ready to just let out the real it or not...ready or I come!!!!


Monday, March 24, 2008

New Fabric....and a Peek of Spring?

I picked this fabric up in Dallas at the quilt show....the birds just spoke to me in their own bird chirping way! And the fact that it was a funky looking batik helped as well! Now I have to just figure out what to DO with it! I'm thinking of adding to the batik stash---this weekend. Seems the quilt shop up the street is having a sale...30% off! WOW! So I think I will get some batiks....and use this as a border...with a little in the quilt pattern too! Now to find a pattern!

And cute is THIS:

This is a close-up from a block in a quilt at the Dallas show. You can, of course, check out my pics from the show this year in my webshots album (kwiltykim83). I just smile every time I see the face of that flower! LOL Doesn't it just scream "Happy Spring!". Now...if only the weather would cooperate!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy and Blessed Easter!

We've is cleaned up (for now)...I've napped....aaaaaaah....a great Sunday! Hope yours is a blessed one! *Peace!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a difference a week makes!!!

Just one short week ago I was enjoying SUNSHINE and temps in the 70s and Dallas! :o/ What the hell happened? Oh wait....that's RIIIIGHT! I came back to South Dakota! UGH! Woke up this morning to SNOW! YUCK! I am so SICK of this crap!

Anyhoooo.....thought I'd share some memories of the trip! On Wednesday evening, we had a lovely dinner at my mom's house. This is a pic of me, mom, Mona and my brother Richard....after a couple glasses of wine no doubt! Good time!!

And on was treasure hunting day...I love the 'antique' and 'junk' malls down there! Always find SOMETHING to bring back, and this year was no exception. I always try and find some unique sewing item...pincushions usually...and I found THIS one in Carrollton...

Love it! Pottery and a pincushion in one! Gotta love it!

And then on Friday, at the quilt show, I finally decided on a purchase..and got this great kit by Moda:

I just loved the saturated and mucky look of the colors in this one! Mona picked one up as we'll have twinner quilts again! YAY!

So today...I've been daydreaming about my wonderful and warm week in the Big D...and sewing strip sets. I'm reminded that not only do I dislike cold temps, but strip set sewing can be so very boring! But I shall carry on....and get the strips sets sewn so I can piece this beauty! Doesn't it look kinda hippie retro-ish? Love those colors!

And speaking of hippie....I know you all cannot WAIT to see my tattoo...ha! But I'll wait until it's healed completely so I can spare you the leg shot with my razor stubble peeking thru the sun!

Until next post...*Peace!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back in the Groove....

or is it a rut?? hmmmm.....too soon to tell, but there's definitely a need for change in the air...still! Is it spring fever? Cabin fever? Stale work-life? All of the above???? THESE are the questions. ha!

So the trip to Dallas was very nice....the weather was sinuses didn't bother me at ALL! Food was big brother, soon to be sis-in-law, and I took in some yummy cuisine the week I was there! Wow! die for SUSHI!!!!...oh...and oysters on the half shell!!!! YUM!!! All things I can't really enjoy up here. It was great! So much to see and do down there!!! I need to visit a LOT more often!!! I think a quarterly trip would be nice! And though I flew this's just a 12 hour drive....surely that's do-able!?!? :o)

The quilt show was great!!! There were more whole-cloth quilts this year....just absolutely mind boggling! HAND QUILTED whole cloth quilts....with the quilting so TINY and SO PACKED that you just can't imagine that being done by hand! Unbelievable! And of course, fabulous art quilts...and beautiful traditional ones too!

I thought this one was was one of the first ones I saw...and, well, with my sinus struck a chord with me!

Attack of the Ragweed! (by Tonya Littman)

Do you suppose the artist is an allergy sufferer? LOL I kid you not...that's what it was entitled "Attack of the Ragweed". LOL

You can see more quilts from the show in my Webshots album. Just search "albums" for "kwiltykim83" and there should be a 2008 Dallas Quilt show album in there! Last year's show is there as well! Enjoy! *Peace!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Batteries are dead...

in the camera, but I will have TONS of beautiful quilts to show you when I get back home! The show was great...tons of was a good show again!

Yesterday.....temps in the 80s and more SUN SUN SUN!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! Today...a light breeze..temps in the 70s and SUN SUN SUN!!! WooooHoooo!!!! Lovin 'it!

I will be leaving Dallas with some "permanent sun" the tattoo. Couldn't help it and figured why the hell not! I can check that off my list now. LOL

I visited Moda Fabrics headquarters while I was here this time...met Mr. Mark Dunn, and had great conversation. What an impressive operation they have! WOW! A solid company with great people!

I've had great food and fun and family visits...and tomorrow I'm scheduled to fly home. To temps in the 30s I believe. *SIGH* Thank goodness I have my permanent sun. ha!

Pictures coming in the next post! *Peace!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dateline...Dallas...March 9, 2008......................


I have found the's in Dallas.....and it's WARM!!!

More updates coming soon...........................

Friday, March 07, 2008


Wouldn't it just I am...on the eve of headin' to the Big D (and I DO mean Dallas) (that's for you country music fans out know what I mean!) anyhoo...I'm on the eve of my trip to springtime!...and it's SNOWING in Dallas! Aaaaah......but now don't we all just KNOW that in Dallas, yes, it does snow from time to time...and it looks just lovely blanketing the lush green lawns...and then in the blink of an eye..POOF! Gone! Sooo...I have complete confidence that I will be greeted by lush green boulevards, colorful landscaping and flowers, and THIS fabulous skyline, when I get there!

This will be SUCH an exciting week coming up....and I do plan to pack the ol' laptop along and post about my trip while I'm there...promising lots of pics...and pics from the Dallas Quilt Celebration! It's going to be wonderful!!!

And I'm going to have REALLY good SUSHI!!!! and oysters on the half shell! And REALLY good Mexican, and REALLY good shopping....oh I can't wait!!!

Make it a great Friday!!! *Peace!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good vibes please!!!

Can't say what, where, why or how, but am asking for tons of creative spirit good vibes today and in to next week!!!!

more to come...................

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Apologies!

I realized that my creativity and my stitching time has grown stagnant...due, in part, to the fact that my tastes...they are a changin! And there are some projects I no longer have any inkling whatsoever to work on. Now...rather than just not even go to the stitching bag because I don't like the project that's in there, I have decided, without apology, to rid myself of the project that seems to be "in the way" of my picking up the needle again regularly! And that project just happens to be The Green Tree Sampler by Moira Blackburn.

I don't know why it's not speaking to me anymore.....but it's not. If I force myself to finish stitching it, I will certainly be in absolutely no hurry to get it framed and it will just languish up on the closet shelf. Senseless...a waste. So it is without regret that I have put this UFO up for dibs on the Bay of Evil. And I feel good! So good, in fact, that I'm working on Frances Eden tonight!!! YAY!!!

I've read numerous articles about stagnation in the creative spirit...and how we tend to beat ourselves up over things we've started, thinking that we HAVE to finish it. We MUST...we are INDEBTED to the project....and yet, we're not!!!! It's a PROCESS! And you have to LOVE the process as well as the finished product, or, well, it's just not the kind of art and creativity that feeds the soul!

No regret! I'm ridding myself of this project.....because I can!!!! :o) *Peace!