Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it Spring yet???

*SIGH* isn't. But it *IS* Prez that means I had the day off! YAY me! LOL's been a productive weekend. I got a quilt top done...out of that set of fabrics I showed previously that I picked up at last year's Dallas Quilt Celebration! Here's a couple pics

I decided to do something went with a scrappy 25 patch block....then couldn't decide whether to sash them or not and ended up NOT sashing them because I liked the secondary pattern. Found a rich chocolate brown for an inner border and walaaah....done. 62" square.

Now...on to the next "challenge"....this is another set of fabrics I picked up last year at the show

well....except for the two background prints.....I just recently added those because I thought they might work with this whole conglomeration of colors! Now...gotta figure out what to do with them all! Hmmmm...any suggestions? I'm open to any suggestions!

Okay--I'm going to go make some key lime cheeseball spread and pick up a needle...either stitching or knitting...haven't decided yet! Hope you all had a great weekend! The sun was out Saturday, which made it a good day. I really do need that sunshine, otherwise I am VERY VERY unhappy. Today it's sunny but really cold...still...the sun's out! Hope the sun is shining where you are too! *Peace!*


Katrina said...

I am ready for summer too! It was sunny yesterday and it's suppose to be 53 today so that will be nice :-). Love the quilt and fabrics.

Paulette said...

Gorgeous quilt!! I'm always amazed how you put the craziest colors together, and then it all comes together beautifully! LOL

Melissa said...

Kim-the quilt looks great and I love this second round of fabrics too. I can tell you are itching for spring to be here ASAP! You kill me with how fast you can piece these quilts. I'm so SLOW!

BTW, Emmit is adorable--hope I spelled his name right.