Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hibernating Weekend

Here in South Dakota, whenever they use the word "Bitterly" in the weather forecast...well...then I know we're pretty much in for the weekend. And I'm all about hibernating! So it's been a hibernating weekend!

I planned ahead....knowing we would have to eat but also knowing I wasn't going to be running to the grocery I picked up all the ingredients needed to make this

YUM! White Chicken Chili! It was VERY good and very SPICAY!!! I love me some spice! ;o) Served with some monterey jack cheese AND a dollop of sour cream...oh my!

Then we vegged and watched a couple movies.....most of the day spent with my laptop in said lap. Very relaxing!

Then I decided to trod downstairs...heat up the towels that have been residing in the dryer...because, you know, I don't fold cold laundry....and pulled a quilt! Let me back up by saying LAST year at the Dallas quilt show, I purchased fabrics....surprise surprise not! I would say three distinctive sets...for three different quilts. less than 30 days, I will be flying down to Dallas for the quilt show again...and oh gosh I just want to be able to justify purchasing MORE fabrics to "remember" the show again! So I thought it best that I at least whip out at least ONE quilt from the fabrics purchased last year! Sooooo.....I pulled fabrics and found a pattern in the latest issue of APQ:

I may start cutting tomorrow....or I may do our taxes. Hmmmm......start a new quilt or pour over checkbook registers and disseminate business expenses and do our taxes....decisions decisions! ha! Actually...usually once I get rolling on hubby's business check registers...then it goes pretty fast and I can get the taxes done pretty timely. And that would be a very good thing, since the refund we will get will pay for our upcoming trip to Mexico! I just need to sit down and get started on all the number again...I ask you....bitterly cold Sunday....roaring fireplace in the sewing studio and cutting a new quilt....or sit down to the computer and figure taxes..........hmmmmmmmmmmm.....I may have to sleep on this one and just decide tomorrow!

Hope you're having a fab weekend! *Peace!*


Katrina said...

I did taxes yesterday. I know what bitter feels like, definitely stay at home and hibernate weather. Hope you get some quilting time today.

Melissa said...

OMG! I love these fabrics. They are glorious!

Melissa said...

Forgot to ask, would you share your chicken chili recipe?