Sunday, February 24, 2008

Emmitt & Oscar

That's what my afternoon and evening has been all about today...and I LOVE it!'s good to not do anything sometimes! I've been watching all of the red carpet coverage, doing some laundry, and snuggling with my little Emmitt.

I swear this dog thinks his name is "Emmitt-your-so-cute" because that's how we all seem to address him. LOL

The weekend has been spent running errands and continuing to rip my entire CD collection in to my laptop...and believe me..that is QUITE the chore. Very time consuming and let's just say I have an EXTENSIVE music library! I've decided on the 80gb ipod.....and it should be arriving this week! So I want to have all my music at the ready to load in to it before I embark on my week-long trip to Dallas!

Otherwise, nothing new going on here....haven't decided on the next quilt yet...and I don't think I will start one until after I return from the Dallas Quilt Celebration. Hoping to get uber-inspired!

Off I go now, to pick up a needle and stitch while watching Hollywood at their finest. *Peace!*


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaah Emmit, your're so cute!!! I remember when you were just a little fella and your Mama first joyfully added you to her family. I'm so glad you've turned into such a fine buddy for Kim.


Melissa said...

What did you think of Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet? I thought he was horrible! He asked Jessica Alba if she was going to breastfeed. Seriously. Then she says, well that's kind of personal isn't it? He then says, yeah, so are you? I thought I was going to fall off the couch!