Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post Oscars....

did you not just LOVE Jon Stewart? He just cracks me up! And yes, Melissa...I thought it was horrendous that Ryan Seacrest was so interested in how Jessica Alba planned to nourish her offspring! EGADS!

In honor of the Oscars and Hollywood...I thought I would take the quiz to see who my Celebrity Soulmate is! And guess WHAT!!! It's none other than.........

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Emmitt & Oscar

That's what my afternoon and evening has been all about today...and I LOVE it! aaaaah....it's good to not do anything sometimes! I've been watching all of the red carpet coverage, doing some laundry, and snuggling with my little Emmitt.

I swear this dog thinks his name is "Emmitt-your-so-cute" because that's how we all seem to address him. LOL

The weekend has been spent running errands and continuing to rip my entire CD collection in to my laptop...and believe me..that is QUITE the chore. Very time consuming and let's just say I have an EXTENSIVE music library! I've decided on the 80gb ipod.....and it should be arriving this week! So I want to have all my music at the ready to load in to it before I embark on my week-long trip to Dallas!

Otherwise, nothing new going on here....haven't decided on the next quilt yet...and I don't think I will start one until after I return from the Dallas Quilt Celebration. Hoping to get uber-inspired!

Off I go now, to pick up a needle and stitch while watching Hollywood at their finest. *Peace!*

Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it Spring yet???

*SIGH* Sadly..no...it isn't. But it *IS* Prez Day...so that means I had the day off! YAY me! LOL Anyhoo...it's been a productive weekend. I got a quilt top done...out of that set of fabrics I showed previously that I picked up at last year's Dallas Quilt Celebration! Here's a couple pics

I decided to do something simple...so went with a scrappy 25 patch block....then couldn't decide whether to sash them or not and ended up NOT sashing them because I liked the secondary pattern. Found a rich chocolate brown for an inner border and walaaah....done. 62" square.

Now...on to the next "challenge"....this is another set of fabrics I picked up last year at the show

well....except for the two background prints.....I just recently added those because I thought they might work with this whole conglomeration of colors! Now...gotta figure out what to do with them all! Hmmmm...any suggestions? I'm open to any suggestions!

Okay--I'm going to go make some key lime cheeseball spread and pick up a needle...either stitching or knitting...haven't decided yet! Hope you all had a great weekend! The sun was out Saturday, which made it a good day. I really do need that sunshine, otherwise I am VERY VERY unhappy. Today it's sunny but really cold...still...the sun's out! Hope the sun is shining where you are too! *Peace!*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Impromptu Day Off

Well....the ol' sinus cavities have been throbbing and the throat was full of shards of glass this morning....so I called in. It hasn't been a fun day off, by any stretch of the imagination.

I did manage to get down to the studio to do some work on the quilt....haven't named it yet....but I did change my mind on the pattern, etc. So for a brief while this afternoon...this is what kept me occupied:

Yep...nutritous Yoplait...an ice cold Starbucks beverage (iced carmel machiatto..YUM!)...some soothing tunes..gotta love Norah & Allison...and strip sets. Strip sets are complete. I started to tackle the cross-cutting..but, alas, the blade in my rotary cutter was skipping a bit...and the strip sets where getting sucked down into my antiquated cutting mat. Then I had an "Aha!" moment...that's what I will get with the quilt shop gift card....a new cutting mat and rotary blades! But...didn't feel like venturing out, so I called it a day and headed back upstairs.

I'm getting my American Idol fix this evening...yes..tis true...I am an American Idol junkie! First football season..and when that's over...there's American Idol season! :o) So I'm enjoying the two hour show and getting ready to put some stitches in The Green Tree sampler.

Hope your week's going great! *Peace!*

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hibernating Weekend

Here in South Dakota, whenever they use the word "Bitterly" in the weather forecast...well...then I know we're pretty much in for the weekend. And I'm all about hibernating! So it's been a hibernating weekend!

I planned ahead....knowing we would have to eat but also knowing I wasn't going to be running to the grocery store...so I picked up all the ingredients needed to make this

YUM! White Chicken Chili! It was VERY good and very SPICAY!!! I love me some spice! ;o) Served with some monterey jack cheese AND a dollop of sour cream...oh my!

Then we vegged and watched a couple movies.....most of the day spent with my laptop in said lap. Very relaxing!

Then I decided to trod downstairs...heat up the towels that have been residing in the dryer...because, you know, I don't fold cold laundry....and pulled a quilt! Let me back up by saying LAST year at the Dallas quilt show, I purchased fabrics....surprise surprise not! I would say three distinctive sets...for three different quilts. Well....in less than 30 days, I will be flying down to Dallas for the quilt show again...and oh gosh I just want to be able to justify purchasing MORE fabrics to "remember" the show again! So I thought it best that I at least whip out at least ONE quilt from the fabrics purchased last year! Sooooo.....I pulled fabrics and found a pattern in the latest issue of APQ:

I may start cutting tomorrow....or I may do our taxes. Hmmmm......start a new quilt or pour over checkbook registers and disseminate business expenses and do our taxes....decisions decisions! ha! Actually...usually once I get rolling on hubby's business check registers...then it goes pretty fast and I can get the taxes done pretty timely. And that would be a very good thing, since the refund we will get will pay for our upcoming trip to Mexico! I just need to sit down and get started on all the number crunching......so again...I ask you....bitterly cold Sunday....roaring fireplace in the sewing studio and cutting a new quilt....or sit down to the computer and figure taxes..........hmmmmmmmmmmm.....I may have to sleep on this one and just decide tomorrow!

Hope you're having a fab weekend! *Peace!*

Thursday, February 07, 2008

14 Year Old Baby Fat???? Is there such a thing?

Today...my "baby", Jake, is 14 years old! EGADS! Where has the time gone??? And whatever am I going to use as my excuse for my "voluptuousnous"??? I can't say it's baby fat anymore.....whoever heard of 14 year old baby fat! ha! Happy Birthday Jake!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Baby on the way!

No! Not MINE!!! LOL That would be quite humorous...is that the right word? Hmmm...maybe a word a little more SCARY is in order instead of humorous! LOL Anyway....my beautiful bonus sister is having a baby! Soon! First part of April! And her baby shower is tomorrow....in Ohio......I will not be attending. But..that means a baby quilt is in the works!!!

Now...my stash is by NO MEANS baby-quilt-making-friendly....faaaar from it! But I dug deep and found a cute little ditsy background...that I must have stashed away to save for a baby quilt someday! ha! But...alas...nothing to go with it! So...off to Quilted Memories I went today. Came home with a wonderful piece to go with the background!

I am all about simple when it comes to baby quilts....so a lovely little 9 patch will be happening in the sewing room soon! Oh shoot! I just realized I didn't get any binding fabric! Guess I'll have to make another trip out to Brandon soon.

In other quilting news...I did not go to the quilt shop here in town to look for more Moda Sonnet fabric. I need to drag myself in there and see if they have any...so I can get that scrappy rail fence done and in the "off to the quilter" pile! I have a gift card from Christmas and I can't even remember the last time I was in the shop here in town. Guess I can stock up on thread, maybe a new ruler or two, the Sonnet fabric...maybe some quilt backs.

I'm saving myself, as far as major fabric acquisitions, for my upcoming annual trip to Dallas in March for the quilt show! Can't wait for that trip! I'm going down early....to stay with my big bro' and future sis-in-law (Hi Mona!) for 4 1/2 days of fabulous fun! Then it will be 3 days with mom. Mom, Mona and I will then hit the Dallas quilt show and then I'll head home. A fun trip it shall be! I love to travel...love to fly....and a whole week away from work...and away on my own...aaaaah....it will be nice! :o)

In the meantime, I've got a baby quilt to make! Hmmm...wonder if I can have it done before the little gal's arrival???