Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Here we are....at the start of a new year! I hope you and yours are finding this to be a relaxing day. We certainly are!

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for.....the unveiling of the January 1 starts LOL

I've already been busy downstairs this morning sewing away on my New Year's Quilt

It's a simple design...from 101 Rotary Cut Quilts....the rail fence...but what I love about it that there are 9 patches randomly scattered through the quilt. The fabrics....long story short, my mom and I both signed up for a mail order Block of the Month last year....I fell in love with the FABRICS...April Cornell Sonnet line by Moda...but hated the pattern....so I've been hacking up the fabric each month into 2" strips. Sooooooooo....I've had a container that's been filling up and the whole entire Sonnet line will come together in this quilt. I hope it turns out. I think it will. I love the turquoise and coral and browns all mixed together!

Stitching.....it was a tough decision....but the WINNER of the 2008 New Year's Day Start iiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss....................

AND THEY SINNED...............................AND..........

GREEN TREE SAMPLER..............................AAAAAAAAAAAAND.........

All of these OTHER UFOs!!! So see....I've decided not to actually technically start ANYTHING new!!!! OMG I decided to just work on the stuff I've already begun.....soooo...what's in the bag, you ask? Okay.....

Frances Eden (1/2 done)
Abigail Parish (hardly started...a couple bands done)
Ann Raynor

So there you have it! To begin 2008, I will be stitching on And They Sinned, Green Tree Sampler, Frances Eden, Abigail Parish and Ann Raynor. I feel good about my decision to not add another UFO to the pile! I'll get these all whipped out and then start something new!

I plan to make my list of 2008 goals over the next few days.....I love lists. LOL AND...I'm also going to make a 100 Things To Do in My Lifetime list. :o) I love that idea!

Some of the creative goals for 2008 include:

1. Learn to knit socks
2. Start and finish a queen size green/red/gold applique quilt
3. Finish needlepoints in to pillows (inclusive of #7 below)
4. Get all finished stitching out of the closet and to the framers
5. Crochet a ripple afghan, preferably in Cashmerino or some other yummy fiber!
6. Start Dutch Beauty (again)
7. Stitch all three needlepoint canvases in the stash

Now Deb, aka Lavender Rose Ramblings, do not laugh at the fact that I only have three canvases! LOL That's by choice! I could go crazy on needlepoint canvases, but have chosen to try and remain sane in that regard...at least for now!

I have several green/red/gold applique patterns already traced on to freezer paper....I have the fabric.....just need that kick in the pants to cut out the templates...iron on to the fabric....trace...and cut....and get started!

It's true...unfortunately...that I LOVE handwork, and so it's very difficult to decide what to work on at any given time! I hope I get a better handle on that so I can get more done! I've already decided that I don't need to add rug hooking to the mix right now....I didn't particularly enjoy that process anyway, so this doesn't make me sad. LOL

I hope to keep up on this blog on a regular basis, so please stop by often and I welcome and thank you for your comments! *Peace!*


Jacque said...

What threads are you using for ATS? They seem very muted and I like them!

Great goals and I can't wait to see more quilts! : )

monique said...

Nice start on ATS! Looks like you've made some great goals :)

CresceNet said...

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Deborah/LavenderRose said...

No laughing coming from this corner. I'm off my needlepointing for the timebeing, too. But, really, you must do some more on your ATS! It's going to be your XS masterpiece..or at least one of them!! I have this goshawful picture of you in my mind hunkered down in your basement with lint in your hair and on your glasses, wild womanish while piles of stray strips of quilting fabrics pile up, Kim!! Yikes! What is that basement workspace really like??? I need a picture for my own sanity's sake!! I'm with you in the angst...Sending many hugs and love, Deb

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

PS: I'm desperate to learn to knit socks, too. I'm so fearful of the 4 needle thingie!! Yikes!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Kimber, Why don't you join our ATS Group? See it on my blog listing pg.