Monday, December 17, 2007

Sharing Time

Guys---I am having a serious case of "Quilt Block LUV" while working on this quilt. This fabric combination makes me feel all....oh.....warm and fuzzy inside. I love it! LOVE it!

I don't know if its the saturation of color or what...and of course I love the mixture of the primitive plaids with the fancy schmancy oriental. Yes indeed...I will enjoy this quilt! And Melissa...sorry! I forgot to answer your question before. I don't know how many quilts I've made....I've given away a chosen family...a couple to friends...have sold many, many, MANY tops that I didn't feel like having quilted (tastes change, etc)...and yes...there are quilts all over the house! From the wall in the kitchen, to covering the kitchen table, to the stack in the living room, on the backs of chairs, on beds (hey--there's an idea! use quilts on BEDS! LOL That's what my hubby would say!)...I love them! One year I was on a mission to deplete the stash...yeah...never happens! But I did piece 36 quilt tops that year. And I'm not into making small they were lap size and up.

So it's beyond me why I still get excited about the prospect of another quilt finished and more on the way! It's a passion. :o)

Hubby went out and exercised his passion yesterday.......hunting. Obliterating our lovely fine feathered friends. Aaaaaaah the sport of it all. ha! I'm not an outdoorswoman in the least...can you tell? ;o)

But now we have pheasant in the fridge....and I am sick of pheasant recipes that start out with "Take on can of Cream of Mushroom soup...". YUCK! Does anyone have any recipes other than "cook the bird in cream of xxxx (insert type of soup here) soup in a crockpot or oven"???? If you do, please enlighten me on the joys of eating pheasant in some other way! Recipes please!

I leave you with a parting shot of MY lovely pheasant......a German glass ornament on the tree! Until next time.....8 days and counting!


Melissa said...

Kim-I emailed you some links to pheasant recipes I found.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Kim, you're quilting again, and I'm so far behind. What's my problem...can you help me????? Hugs, Deb