Saturday, December 08, 2007

Have you had a good Saturday?

I have! It's been quite productive and relaxing! And it's not even over yet!

This morning I made it down to the quilting room to work on the yet-to-be-named-or-pattern-to-be-shared oriental/homespun quilt. I pressed fabrics, cut strips and..AND sewed strip sets! YAY! Quite the progress!

I took a break and came upstairs...pulled out the leftover homemade cranberry sauce and peeled some granny smith apples...and made a most yummy cranberry apple crisp! It's good! Not too tangy...not too sweet....just right!

Then it was time to run the Jakester and a buddy out to the ski park...snowboarding awaits ya that took a while.....and I stopped at the post office on the way home and lo and behold...a package! I love packages! It was this YUMMY YUMMY hand dyed sock yarn! Isn't it scrumptious??

I love it! Can't wait to dig in to it! I finally have my DPNs and will start with the book and make the little practice sock...soon.....not today...but soon I will!

Then it was back downstairs to press strip's proof of that happening:

I then made all my subcuts and have begun the blocks. And I must say I love the way the fabrics are playing off of each other!

I've since took a break from downstairs and plan to whip out a needle here any second...after I finish off the pizza sitting here waiting!

Hope your Saturday's been fun!

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