Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Creative Therapy

I've decided to engage in some creative therapy....and so have spent some time down in the quilting studio with the ol' stash.....and am sooooooooooo excited because I have pulled my next quilt---entirely from stash.

I was so pleased with the way my other oriental/homespun mix quilt turned out...I'm going to make another! You'll have to stay tuned to see what pattern I've picked! Oooooh.....the suspense! Can you STAND it!?!?! LOL

Now...I know I'm either A) in serious Stash denial or 2) a super smart Stash shopper.....I first pulled fabrics....started pulling fabrics...then started perusing books and such for the pattern. Found a pattern...super easy and will let the fabric have all the glory! I then decide to read the pattern and check yardage and hope I have enough! I's a little ass backwards but that's just the way I work! LOL The pattern calls for one cut that is almost 2 yards (that would be the red fabric) and another that is just 1 1/2 yards (the beautimus blue oriental) but I've decided to add a border with the same fabric, and so I say to myself that I would need at least 3 yards of the lovely blue oriental......what are the odds? Seriously.....I have a 3 yard cut of the red AND a little over 3 yards of the BLUE! OMG it was meant to be! When I was stash building....I never ever ever purchased fat quarters. I was a "gimme 1/2 yard" or "gimme 3 yards" kinda stash buildin' quilt shop hoppin' gal! And man am I glad I was pathetic in that way! ha!

Soooooooo.....I'm excited to whip out this quilt...I have always loved this blue oriental on my shelf...and will love it even more in a quilt! ;o)

Folks---we are ALMOST to FRIDAY!!! YEAH!!! We can do it!!! C'mon...say it with me..."I can make it thru this workweek.....I can make it thru this workweek."

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Jeanne said...

It's so exciting starting a new quilt isn't it? Your combo looks great and I would never think to combine homespuns & orientals but it looks great! I get so excited when I use up some stash so I know how you feel. I live in the southwest and do miss snow sometimes but not the cold dampness. We have to deal with the heat of course but at least it's sunny most of the time and cheerful. That midwestern gloominess gets to me when I go back to visit. As long as there is air conditioning I'm okay here in the desert!