Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

It's been a quiet and lazy day! But that's a good way to wind down the year---don't you agree?

We took a drive out to the ski park to watch Jake do some snowboarding...and then it was dark so we drove to Falls Park to see it all lit up in it's holiday splendor

The pics aren't the greatest (arm out the window as quickly as possible-----did I mention it's flippin' COLD here???) but hopefully you get the was beautiful...all the lights and the snow......beautiful because you didn't see the dirty muddy ugly snow.....

And the blue hue you see below---they have laser lights cast on to the frozen falls and I happened to snap when the lights were changing to blue. Again---remember when you look at the picture quality----flippin' cold----LOL

We then came home and enjoyed a yummy dinner of filet mignon and garlic mashed was heavenly! And now, I sit with Green Tree sampler....slowly stitching.

I've been pondering my New Year's projects----have to start a new quilt---and a sampler. Sooooooo....I know what the quilt project will be, but am trying (still) to decide on my sampler start! Here are the contenders:

Three Things by Moira Blackburn (I LOVE Moira's designs soooooooo much!)

Grazing Sheep by Scarlet Letter (A last year's Christmas gift from my dear dear friend, Paulette)

Dorothy Preston sampler (I purchased silks and linen I think in 2006 for a 2007 start...or maybe it was 2005 for a 2006 start??...anyhoo...decided to switch linen counts but still have the silks so I could start "Dot" as well)

I also want to get busy busy busy on And They Sinned. I have sorta started it....I have a serpent and part of the cloud done I it's not really a start, but rather a stitching goal for 2008!

I also want to start Dutch Beauty (again) in 2008. I started her...had her 1/2 done...40 count and AVAS...HATED the linen and silk was NOT enjoyable to stitch with those adopted her out and will REstart her on different linen. Just need to decide DMC or Hand Dyed Fibers silks in the dark colorway. I'm leaning toward the HDF Dark Colorway.

Lofty stitching goals galore and I need to just make a decision about my tomorrow start and go from there!!!!! Sooooooooooo....I will decide...and I will post my decision and my new quilt start tomorrow! Oooooh the excitement builds! ha!

Until's hoping your bubbly is bubbling! *Peace!*

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winding down....

that's what 2007 is doing! OMG can you believe how fast this year flew by? And today flew by as well! BUT...I did manage to get some things done...even though I sat on my butt and vegged with my laptop until noon!

I finished the quilt!!! YAY!!! Here's an overview shot:

I love the colors in this one...doesn't hurt that there's red in it either!

Well..I was so pleased with myself for finishing that up...that I loafed around and again, got sucked in to this laptop and football for most of the afternoon, but I did stitch some on The Green Tree sampler by Moira Blackburn. No way is it going to be completed by year end, but here's my progress on that:

I hope to get a LOT more done on that tomorrow.

I'm trying to decide whether to take the Christmas tree down tomorrow or not. Brennan won't be here until Tuesday morning....and honestly, I don't think he'd care in the least if the tree is up or I may get that down and get the living room back to a somewhat normal state. Isn't it bad luck to bring in the new year with the tree still up or something? Or something! ha!

I'm going to snuggle in with the sampler stitching and watch Breakfast At Tiffanys, which I DVRd this morning! Happy Sunday night! I'm glad I'm off until Wednesday! So relaxing!!!! Until tomorrow! *Peace!*

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Sign .....

of things to come this weekend!

A couple bottles of Yellow Tail and all the makings for some fabulous dips and snacks....some brie in the frig waiting for it's time to come out and soften up....but I forgot the fruit! So the brie must wait. But........there's PLENTY of time! I have a FOUR DAY weekend! WOOWOOWOOOOOOOOO!!!! What a way to bring in the new year!

Today was spent sewing a little on the oriental homespun quilt....should be all done tomorrow morning at some point! It's laid out downstairs with sections sewn...waiting for the last sewing of sections and it's done! I've decided against a border, mainly due to the pattern and the fact that I would have to float a skinny border, and, well, trust me. No border.

Brennan called this morning and said he's hopping on a Greyhound in the morning and will be here in a day or so from California....not sure for how long. He says a few we'll see. It will be SOOOOOOOOOO good to see that kid! LOL He's been gone since May.......he sounds a little more mature when he calls, so I guess that's good! He's 21...and friends tell me he'll grow up by the time he hits 27....I don't know if I will survive that long! LOL

In other news, I've had numerous emails and inquiries regarding choosing colors and fabrics for quilts, etc. and so have decided in the new year to try something new. I'm going to offer a limited number of kits for the quilts I make! I will probably show them here first and let interested parties contact me for purchase. Otherwise there's always Ebay and/or Etsy. Any thoughts on this? Please let me know!

Until tomorrow......oh! and BIG BIG BIRTHDAY WISHES AND HUGS to my soon-to-be sis-in-law, Mona, in Dallas! Love ya like a sis, girl!!!!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas....

and you know the rest of that one! Hope you and your family are tucked in somewhere warm and ready to nestle in and celebrate the birth of Jesus. I have been reminding myself to keep that in the forefront this year.

It's certainly sad that I don't have Dad around this year....he was such a Christmas nut....and my older two kids are not here in SD either....Ashley is in Ohio and Brennan is partying in Mexico. So it's the hubby, Jake and I. And it''s quite odd!

I think Jake pretty much knows what he's really no surprises....and he's 13, so he knows there's not really a Santa....and so it's just kind of weird!!!! The tree isn't completely inundated with gifts under it, as in years past. Again---see above---two kids missing. ha! My family does not live nearby....they're in Texas, Kentucky and that whole empty nest thing is really hitting home this year.

This has all kind of caught me off-guard it seems! This whole settling down of the Christmas hub-bub. Odd....very very odd. How does one cope?

But we shall persevere! We're still having our traditional Christmas Eve oyster a side with steaks and shrimp tonight...tomorrow is prime rib and relaxation! And it's back to work on Wednesday.

If you are lucky enough to have your big happy family around you, enjoy and celebrate! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sharing Time

Guys---I am having a serious case of "Quilt Block LUV" while working on this quilt. This fabric combination makes me feel all....oh.....warm and fuzzy inside. I love it! LOVE it!

I don't know if its the saturation of color or what...and of course I love the mixture of the primitive plaids with the fancy schmancy oriental. Yes indeed...I will enjoy this quilt! And Melissa...sorry! I forgot to answer your question before. I don't know how many quilts I've made....I've given away a chosen family...a couple to friends...have sold many, many, MANY tops that I didn't feel like having quilted (tastes change, etc)...and yes...there are quilts all over the house! From the wall in the kitchen, to covering the kitchen table, to the stack in the living room, on the backs of chairs, on beds (hey--there's an idea! use quilts on BEDS! LOL That's what my hubby would say!)...I love them! One year I was on a mission to deplete the stash...yeah...never happens! But I did piece 36 quilt tops that year. And I'm not into making small they were lap size and up.

So it's beyond me why I still get excited about the prospect of another quilt finished and more on the way! It's a passion. :o)

Hubby went out and exercised his passion yesterday.......hunting. Obliterating our lovely fine feathered friends. Aaaaaaah the sport of it all. ha! I'm not an outdoorswoman in the least...can you tell? ;o)

But now we have pheasant in the fridge....and I am sick of pheasant recipes that start out with "Take on can of Cream of Mushroom soup...". YUCK! Does anyone have any recipes other than "cook the bird in cream of xxxx (insert type of soup here) soup in a crockpot or oven"???? If you do, please enlighten me on the joys of eating pheasant in some other way! Recipes please!

I leave you with a parting shot of MY lovely pheasant......a German glass ornament on the tree! Until next time.....8 days and counting!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What does THIS Holiday Greeting say about me???

OMG I broke into hysterical laughter when I got the mail today! This was one of the Christmas cards received today:

LOLOL...the PIZZA MAN sent me a Christmas card! LOLOL I just found this hysterically funny!!! What does that say about me??? you suppose I order a LOT of pizza from The Pizza Man? Oh goodness....this provided such a laugh today!

Lest you think I have no talent in the's what my today has consisted of!

Million Dollar Chocolate Peanut Butter Walnut Fudge:

Rolo Pecan Pretzel Candy:

Mexican Wedding Cookies (aka Snowballs, hubby's favorite:

and OMG this stuff is sooooooooooo addicting and fabulous!!!! Cranberry Salsa:

This stuff is addicting. Seriously! Don't say I didn't warn you! It's a little sweet, a little tangy, and the KICK of cilantro and jalapeno...oh YUM! A gal brought some in to the office yesterday and everyone was hooked! So of course I came home and googled it...found a recipe right away at and Walaah! Another reason to use my food processor! YUM YUM!

So as you can's been a busy Saturday! On to the laundry room and maybe even some sewing! Hope your Saturday has been busy and fun as well!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

How Now Green Tree

or something like that! ha! That's for you, Paulette!'s true...I'm actually stitching again! I'm working on The Green Tree Sampler by Moira Blackburn....doing my own conversion with different over dyed threads on a piece of Golden Streak linen.

Progress pic:

I'm to the first grove of trees. I realistically believe I can finish this by year's end? Probably not. Although stranger things have happened and it would be nice to have it done!

My mind has been wandering....trying to decide my New Year's Day starts...I ALWAYS start a new quilt on New Year's Day and a new stitching project! So many to ponder!

I'm also looking to next weekend, when I plan to do holiday baking! Not too much.....

*Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge
*Mexican Wedding Cookies
*Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
*Chocolate Krinkles
*Pretzel Rolo Candies

That's a good start. We have a wonderful next door neighbor that always brings a big plate of goodies over.....all SORTS of different stuff! So there won't be a shortage of treats!

OMG Heart Attack Sunday! Not only was I PEEVED that the local Fox affiliate opted to show some lame lame lame MOVIE after the NFL Pre-Game show instead of the COWBOYS game....but I opted to "watch" it play by play online....which is really not watching it at all but rather reading what happens after every play. And OMG it's probably a good thing I wasn't actually VIEWING the game or I'd have been a basket case! BUT...we did prevail in the end....but hey...Tony...c'mon....let's get business taken care of EARLY next week so I'm not all anxious and tense at the end of the 4th quarter! Okay babe? Thanks!

I'm heading downstairs to do some laundry....and yes...the washer is STILL not fixed----another note to self "Self--call a repairman to FIX THE WASHER!". Heck..maybe I'll just make that a New Year's goal so I can mark an easy one off the list! ha! Anyhoody...since I'll be downstairs waiting to switch washer cycles, I'll work on those quilt blocks! Would be SWELL to have that done by end of next week. We'll see....we'll see........

Until next post....*Peace!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Have you had a good Saturday?

I have! It's been quite productive and relaxing! And it's not even over yet!

This morning I made it down to the quilting room to work on the yet-to-be-named-or-pattern-to-be-shared oriental/homespun quilt. I pressed fabrics, cut strips and..AND sewed strip sets! YAY! Quite the progress!

I took a break and came upstairs...pulled out the leftover homemade cranberry sauce and peeled some granny smith apples...and made a most yummy cranberry apple crisp! It's good! Not too tangy...not too sweet....just right!

Then it was time to run the Jakester and a buddy out to the ski park...snowboarding awaits ya that took a while.....and I stopped at the post office on the way home and lo and behold...a package! I love packages! It was this YUMMY YUMMY hand dyed sock yarn! Isn't it scrumptious??

I love it! Can't wait to dig in to it! I finally have my DPNs and will start with the book and make the little practice sock...soon.....not today...but soon I will!

Then it was back downstairs to press strip's proof of that happening:

I then made all my subcuts and have begun the blocks. And I must say I love the way the fabrics are playing off of each other!

I've since took a break from downstairs and plan to whip out a needle here any second...after I finish off the pizza sitting here waiting!

Hope your Saturday's been fun!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Creative Therapy

I've decided to engage in some creative therapy....and so have spent some time down in the quilting studio with the ol' stash.....and am sooooooooooo excited because I have pulled my next quilt---entirely from stash.

I was so pleased with the way my other oriental/homespun mix quilt turned out...I'm going to make another! You'll have to stay tuned to see what pattern I've picked! Oooooh.....the suspense! Can you STAND it!?!?! LOL

Now...I know I'm either A) in serious Stash denial or 2) a super smart Stash shopper.....I first pulled fabrics....started pulling fabrics...then started perusing books and such for the pattern. Found a pattern...super easy and will let the fabric have all the glory! I then decide to read the pattern and check yardage and hope I have enough! I's a little ass backwards but that's just the way I work! LOL The pattern calls for one cut that is almost 2 yards (that would be the red fabric) and another that is just 1 1/2 yards (the beautimus blue oriental) but I've decided to add a border with the same fabric, and so I say to myself that I would need at least 3 yards of the lovely blue oriental......what are the odds? Seriously.....I have a 3 yard cut of the red AND a little over 3 yards of the BLUE! OMG it was meant to be! When I was stash building....I never ever ever purchased fat quarters. I was a "gimme 1/2 yard" or "gimme 3 yards" kinda stash buildin' quilt shop hoppin' gal! And man am I glad I was pathetic in that way! ha!

Soooooooo.....I'm excited to whip out this quilt...I have always loved this blue oriental on my shelf...and will love it even more in a quilt! ;o)

Folks---we are ALMOST to FRIDAY!!! YEAH!!! We can do it!!! C'mon...say it with me..."I can make it thru this workweek.....I can make it thru this workweek."

Monday, December 03, 2007

A little brie, anyone???

Just thought I'd post a little go with my WHIIIIIIIIIIIIINE from this morning!
Well here it is.....a nice toasty Monday morning.....sitting in silence in the living room with nothing but the glow of the still undecorated but pre-lit Christmas tree lights...Emmitt in my lap....and oh how I wish I could just stay home! I always said I would not mind living here if I didn't HAVE to go outside in the winter time.....if I could just hole up in the house with all of my creative endeavors......if I could just stay inside and bake bread and piddle around the house, etc and snuggle with my Emmitt. Aaaaaaah life would be fabulous! Don't get me wrong....I would even WORK....from home....telework.....aaaaah...that would be the life! *sigh*

Enter---REALITY! Hubby comes out...turns on the TV to the gloomy news of the day (I hate network news...seriously....I seriously detest the news and refuse the watch it....I selectively READ news online, but I will not have it piped in to my head via 50" plasma TV)....and it's time to get in the shower and get ready for a day at the office...where everyone is so damn HAPPY and POSITIVE----not! LOL

Happy Monday everyone.......

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Remind me again...

That's what I've been saying lately...."Remind me again WHY I live here?????? Somebody---anybody----please----remind me again." UGH! It's COLD here! I HATE HATE HATE cold temps! Seriously! It literally HURTS me when it's cold out! AND...we got snow yesterday. It was beautiful yesterday morning....wafting to the ground......a nice heavy snow...all day long.....just beautiful from the window. Today---when I ventured out.....not so pretty. It's already all dirty and clumpy from all the snow plows and, well, it just looks like sloppy shit and remind me again why I live here? Huh? I can't HEAR you? The man to which I am currently married is from here....but I was a Dallas-ite when I met him...perfectly fine and content in the Big D.....stupid and young and blinded by something....lust maybe?....we load belongings and kids and head up here...where HE's from. Well...frankly I'm getting a little sick of living where HE's's cold.....and the snow's not pretty anymore (already). Happy December.....happy Winter...may it NOT be a long, dreadful one this year.