Friday, November 23, 2007


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with friends and family! Ours was just perfectly fine, case you didn't know...the Cowboys won! YAY!!!! 10-1!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!! Perfect ending to a perfect day!

And today---well---I'm just basking in the glory of knowing that it's only FRIDAY! OMG that's just AWESOME!!!!! I plan to do a little spot cleaning and perhaps think about my next quilt...and/or stitch on a sampler. I'm not QUITE in the mood to drag the Christmas tree and decorations up from the least not just yet. Maybe late tonight. We'll see!

I decided NOT to venture out for the Black Friday INSANITY! One nice thing about just having one child left at is easier! The older two are on the west coast and in Ohio, so gift cards are in their future. It's what they want AND easy to ship! So it works for everyone! And so that just leaves the 13 year old to actually shop for. His list is fairly easy, and I'm all about online shopping when I can! So I feel that the odds of having Christmas purchased AND wrapped early this year are pretty darn good!!! I'm not going to know how to act if I'm not up until 1AM on Christmas Eve night wrapping the last gifts and sneaking them under the tree while everyone else is snoozing with visions of sugarplums......yeah. It's going to be GREAT! :o)

This evening will be yummy turkey roll-ups! YUM! You dredge little pieces of leftover turkey in a butter and garlic sauce...and then roll them up in tiny triangles cut from crescent rolls....sprinkle with pepper and parmesan and bake. Spear a toothpick with a green olive and then the turkey roll up and PURE HEAVEN! Jake and I are very excited to munch on they are one of our fav' parts of the days after Thanksgiving! Hubby doesn't care for them, so MORE for Jake & me! YAY!!! :o)

Okay---I'm off to run the vacuum, switch laundry loads, light a candle, pour a cup of java and either peruse thru fabric and think up the next quilt, or stitch! I'll check in later! Enjoy your day!!!

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