Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Longer holidays...

Has everyone noticed that holidays, now, seem to have been extended? Instead of Thanksgiving day off, there's those places that you're off around noon the day before (nice gesture to give you ample travel time and preparation time by some employers)..and then the complimentary day off AFTER Thanksgiving (because really....who wants to go in to work on a Friday after you've stuffed yourself...when there's crazy SHOPPING to be done???). I have been lucky enough to be in professions where I have always had the day after Thanksgiving off...and I am grateful for that! But oh how I wish I also was getting off early today! Surely is going to make for a hectic evening, since we are working the entire day! I really like that idea of extended holidays......2 1/2 days in lieu of 1.....heck...even THREE days in lieu of one! The day before....because everyone slacks off the day before a holiday anyway-----and then the day after.....because ...well....just because! LOL

Okay---time to ready myself for this work day. Hope all of you are either traveling to loved ones homes or readying traditional recipes and pies in preparation for tomorrow!!!! Happy Wednesday!

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