Saturday, November 03, 2007

Calling All Hookers.....

yeah, yeah.....I know you all know I mean RUG HOOKERS! A survey of sorts.....okay..not really a survey. I just want to know if you use a floor frame and what kind?? And I really REALLY want to know because I'm on the prowl for one. I had a K's lap frame, and...well...I just think I would rather have a floor frame. I didn't like having the frame in my lap. I would rather have a dedicated corner...with a chair...and the floor frame. I know about the Puritan frame...wondering what your thoughts are about that? Or if you have a better one. And I also realize there are lots of handmade frames being sold too. Just trying to get a grasp on which is the best, why, etc. So if you hook, could you please leave a comment or email me about this?


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mona said...

Love it !!!! I do like Fran as well. I love that you named her. It like brings them to life huh?
Your so into everything and I love that about you. You never stop :o)) always something new!
I enjoyed catching up on your blog -'s been awhile.


Wish we could get up and have a cup of coffee together tomorrow :o(
or should I say this morning?

yackatchalater :o)))