Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blogging just isn't the same.....

without a CAMERA! UGH! Hubby asked to "borrow" my digital camera to take with him on a job he's doing....his camera is antiquated and HUGE..albeit digital...just isn't the same. So he's taken a liking to my spiffy little thing...and now it's NEVER here when I need it! And, well, frankly.....blogging just isnt' the same when you can't post PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you that I have been working diligently today on the red stars quilt....the rows are all pieced and I've started sewing the rows together......hoping to have all that done tomorrow and then it will be border time. And I would HOPE that the spousal unit will bring my digital camera back to me so I can post some pics! ;o) In the meantime, you'll just have to visualize!

Stay tuned...hope to have visual updates tomorrow! Hope all is well in everyone's section of the world! *Peace!*

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