Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quiet! Quiet! It's almost time!!!!




In case you missed it....or you're all entangled in that NFL Network controversy with your cable provider......


Game over.

T.O.....I love me some you, too! LOL He cracks me up! LOLOL

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long Weekend Wind Down

I hope everyone had a wonderful and long holiday weekend! It was so nice to have a little longer stretch of time off!

I've got a small jump on the Christmas shopping, the tree is up and twinkling, though no decorations are on it yet. I like it just fine with white lights, but we will get around to adding all the ornaments, etc.

A big pot of 'leftovers' soup is on the stove and is it ever yummy! Leftover celery & carrots from the relish plate sauted in some EVOO and butter...then chopped up leftover turkey...added the 1/3 bottle of leftover Cline Zinfandel.....added chicken broth...some select spices....the leftover turkey gravey....and it actually is quite yummy! I heated up the leftover stuffing and the leftover mashed potatoes....for scooping up and adding to the soup bowl! I chose to enjoy mine with a few scoops of stuffing. It was really good!

I've been de-stressing with some stitching this afternoon....working on The Green Tree Sampler by Moira Blackburn. A very enjoyable stitch to wind down the weekend and prepare to head back to the office!

I just love this time of year...and the impending New full of hope and promise for change! It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings...

You will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.

For some reason this has sprung back into my brain of late and I keep repeating it to myself. Why is it that 'change' can be so painful...or at least so SCARY! It shouldn't bring panic and fear.....I'm going to keep reminding myself of that....and remind myself to look at the thought of change as an adventure! A new life chapter! Great things will happen! Of that I'm sure!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with friends and family! Ours was just perfectly fine, case you didn't know...the Cowboys won! YAY!!!! 10-1!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!! Perfect ending to a perfect day!

And today---well---I'm just basking in the glory of knowing that it's only FRIDAY! OMG that's just AWESOME!!!!! I plan to do a little spot cleaning and perhaps think about my next quilt...and/or stitch on a sampler. I'm not QUITE in the mood to drag the Christmas tree and decorations up from the least not just yet. Maybe late tonight. We'll see!

I decided NOT to venture out for the Black Friday INSANITY! One nice thing about just having one child left at is easier! The older two are on the west coast and in Ohio, so gift cards are in their future. It's what they want AND easy to ship! So it works for everyone! And so that just leaves the 13 year old to actually shop for. His list is fairly easy, and I'm all about online shopping when I can! So I feel that the odds of having Christmas purchased AND wrapped early this year are pretty darn good!!! I'm not going to know how to act if I'm not up until 1AM on Christmas Eve night wrapping the last gifts and sneaking them under the tree while everyone else is snoozing with visions of sugarplums......yeah. It's going to be GREAT! :o)

This evening will be yummy turkey roll-ups! YUM! You dredge little pieces of leftover turkey in a butter and garlic sauce...and then roll them up in tiny triangles cut from crescent rolls....sprinkle with pepper and parmesan and bake. Spear a toothpick with a green olive and then the turkey roll up and PURE HEAVEN! Jake and I are very excited to munch on they are one of our fav' parts of the days after Thanksgiving! Hubby doesn't care for them, so MORE for Jake & me! YAY!!! :o)

Okay---I'm off to run the vacuum, switch laundry loads, light a candle, pour a cup of java and either peruse thru fabric and think up the next quilt, or stitch! I'll check in later! Enjoy your day!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Longer holidays...

Has everyone noticed that holidays, now, seem to have been extended? Instead of Thanksgiving day off, there's those places that you're off around noon the day before (nice gesture to give you ample travel time and preparation time by some employers)..and then the complimentary day off AFTER Thanksgiving (because really....who wants to go in to work on a Friday after you've stuffed yourself...when there's crazy SHOPPING to be done???). I have been lucky enough to be in professions where I have always had the day after Thanksgiving off...and I am grateful for that! But oh how I wish I also was getting off early today! Surely is going to make for a hectic evening, since we are working the entire day! I really like that idea of extended holidays......2 1/2 days in lieu of 1.....heck...even THREE days in lieu of one! The day before....because everyone slacks off the day before a holiday anyway-----and then the day after.....because ...well....just because! LOL

Okay---time to ready myself for this work day. Hope all of you are either traveling to loved ones homes or readying traditional recipes and pies in preparation for tomorrow!!!! Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving week---Prep time!

Such a bittersweet time is fast approaching....I'm just not sure what this holiday season is going to be like without Dad. *SIGH* I think I may be a bit depressed, blog friends. But, alas, I try to bring myself up and out of it every day.

Thanksgiving is coming up FAST!!!! And it's going to be very very strange, because it will just be hubby, Jake and me. Ashley (DD) is in Ohio, Brennan (DS) is on the west coast, Mom will be in Atlanta, and my brothers are in Texas, Ohio and Kentucky. When the holidays arrive, then I do wish even MORE that we all lived within 8 hours from each other, at most. So we can all get together and annoy each other for the holidays. LOL But, it's just not meant to be for now. And will be a little smaller crowd for turkey day!

Of COURSE this does NOT mean that I will scale down the menu in the least little bit! It just means that FINALLY we will truly have tons of leftovers to mess with! YAY!!!!

My dear friend, Paulette, has posted her menu on her blog, and I thought that was a fabulous idea! And so I will follow suit, if for no other reason, than to remind me what all I intend to make!

Green Bean Bake
Sweet Potatoes w/Marshmallows
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Corn Bake
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce (YUM!)
Deviled Eggs
Relish Tray
Crescent Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Cherry Pie

That's the basic menu we've had for FOREVER! I usually try and find one new side dish to make, and so, I will be on the hunt for something new to add to the mix this year! Maybe something to do with mushrooms....hmmmmm.....any suggestions for a new side dish? Feel free to leave a comment! I would love to hear about any unique food dish traditions you might have!

Until next time....I'm going to pick up a needle of some sort and relax for the day! Happy Sunday!

Monday, November 12, 2007

More is more....

More is better...........More is.....well....More is me! Those that know me know this about me! In my personal style....

Yes....that's my signature style....pile it on! More is me!

And in my decorating........

Lord knows I couldn't just have a FEW antique glass creamers! No sirreeeee......must have MORE!

In my quilting even-----fabric selection----well.....again, more is me! I LOVE scrap quilts! The more fabrics the better!

Scrappy is heaven to me! I love it! Want to use it all...IN THE SAME QUILT! But hey...that's just me! Scrap quilts abound....I prefer working with a scrappy palette more than any other....

So imagine my surprise when it seems that I actually really like this latest quilt! The guts are done...just have to put the border on and call it good!

I am just not a "planned" or "three, four, or even five color" quilt person! Two-color quilts---I'm all over those! LOVE 2 color quilts! But a planned 3 fabric or 4 fabric,'s a struggle for me to enjoy it! But this one I do like! Maybe because it's got all of my favorite things...RED...STARS...PEARS....Brannock & Patek fabrics! LOL

Once this is finished...I'll be all calm and sedated and can crank it all back up a notch with some horrendously scrappy quilt! I can't wait!!!!! *Peace!*

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blogging just isn't the same.....

without a CAMERA! UGH! Hubby asked to "borrow" my digital camera to take with him on a job he's doing....his camera is antiquated and HUGE..albeit digital...just isn't the same. So he's taken a liking to my spiffy little thing...and now it's NEVER here when I need it! And, well, frankly.....blogging just isnt' the same when you can't post PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you that I have been working diligently today on the red stars quilt....the rows are all pieced and I've started sewing the rows together......hoping to have all that done tomorrow and then it will be border time. And I would HOPE that the spousal unit will bring my digital camera back to me so I can post some pics! ;o) In the meantime, you'll just have to visualize!

Stay tuned...hope to have visual updates tomorrow! Hope all is well in everyone's section of the world! *Peace!*

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Calling All Hookers.....

yeah, yeah.....I know you all know I mean RUG HOOKERS! A survey of sorts.....okay..not really a survey. I just want to know if you use a floor frame and what kind?? And I really REALLY want to know because I'm on the prowl for one. I had a K's lap frame, and...well...I just think I would rather have a floor frame. I didn't like having the frame in my lap. I would rather have a dedicated corner...with a chair...and the floor frame. I know about the Puritan frame...wondering what your thoughts are about that? Or if you have a better one. And I also realize there are lots of handmade frames being sold too. Just trying to get a grasp on which is the best, why, etc. So if you hook, could you please leave a comment or email me about this?