Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Progress

Happy Monday (is there really such a thing?).......wanted to post some progress to the creative ADD I was suffering from last weekend!

First off -- no pic -- but I finished the scarf......decided to do indoor accessory style.....where you double it, wrap around the neck and pull thru the loop....that kinda's very colorful! I'll try and get a pick of it on my neck sometime and post!

One project done -- CHECK

Second project---the scrappy civil war quilt........finished piecing it all together yesterday BEFORE the Cowboys played!

I love the scrappiness of it all....and all the colors! Can't wait to get this quilted! I used a Miss Rosie's Quilt pattern....from one of her books.....I can't remember the name of the book...but it's her American Pie pattern....can be purchased separately I do believe.

Second project done -- CHECK CHECK

Then last night...while I watched my 'boys kick some Bear ARSE (sorry if you're a Bears fan...I generally route for da'bears...if they're not playing my 'boys or the outcome doesn't hurt the C'boys in any way!) that I've tried to remove any offending connotation to Bears fans'...LOL......while I watched that FABULOUS game last night (34-10 in case you fell asleep....Cowboys won)......I worked on the vintage needlepoint stitching the black background. I'll work on it again tonight while I watch tonight's game. I would love to have these done and ready for some finishing soon! Perhaps I should stick to this project until it's done.......yeah...that would be a grand plan! I have no fabric cut quilt downstairs I should concentrate on black wool background stitching and get those done BEFORE I decide on my next quilt! Sounds like a plan! Don't you think? :o)


Jeanne said...

Love your quilt top Kim - Miss Rosie's patterns rock! DH and I are Bears fans so we were less than thrilled with the outcome. Rex Grossman has to go!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Scrappy quilt is fabulous!! What a you loved, I see. That took some time cutting and sewing, my friend, and what a beautiful result. You're just amazing, Kim!
PS: I have to check out Miss Rosie