Sunday, September 23, 2007

Relocation Memories??

It's been with great interest that I've been reading the relocation adventures of "Dogs Steal Yarn" blog author Cari Luna. How exciting...starting over in a new place and the whole adventure of it all! Her little guy is still young, so it's only the two adults that need to really get it in their minds to re-adapt.

Wondering if any of you readers out there have any relocation memories to share? With, perhaps, info on how you handled it with older kids...young teens, etc. We do think of relocating, but I always chicken out thinking that our last guy at home will freak out about it. I don't worry about the older two, as they've already relocated as well....Ash in Ohio and Brennan travelling the country.....but Jake, well...he's 13.....very outgoing and I'm sure he'd be fine....but just wonder if there's anyone out there that has done this (I'm sure there are! There's GOT to be!) and what advice you would have and/or things you would have done differently! Please leave a comment if you can!

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