Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Happy Sunday! Thought I'd update the blog with quilt pics today! I picked up two from the longarm quilter this week! So excited to get these quilted, as they've literally been in a stack in the sewing room for years! YEARS! Ridiculous! But now they're quilted and I've got binding made....waiting to be put on. This first one is a civil war log cabin...with piano key border.

I just love the mellow-ness of the civil war prints! So worn looking....very nice! Love that barn red accenting in this one too! And the quilting....let me just say...I LOVE it! I asked her to do simple meandering or a psuedo-baptist fan, that she's used before, or something else if she thought it would be better and still look "old". And she DELIVERED! I LOVE this! Not sure if you can see it here in this next photo....

It's like an echoing meander...I can't explain it...but it's now my new fav' meandering for an old vintage look! LOVE it!!!

And this next quilt was an experiment....from my weird brain....I wanted to mix primitive homespuns with exotic oriental prints and I do like the way it turned out!

Do you like it? I just love experimenting with mixing fabrics that you wouldn't necessarily think of putting together! I've got the corners blunted on this one too......that should make for some fun binding...nothing too difficult! And the back is brushed nice and snuggly!!!

And last...but certainly not least...I always love to have pictorial proof that a quilt I've given is being loved! And here's my Soon To Be Sis, Mona (Hi Mona!)....with her Bullseye quilt...we have twinner quilts! Isn't that special? She's just so awesome and I'm thrilled she loves her quilt!!

And proof that's it's being USED and snuggled the clan! Here's Mona with my big brother and their "babies". What a handsome brood!!! Love you guys!!!

This afternoon I'll be watching the football games (sadly---not the Cowboys---since I'm here in ViQUEEN country, I'm stuck watching that pathetic team....GO PACKERS!!!!) and I'll be working on needlepoint background. I've just taken Red Velvet Cupcakes and a torte out of the oven.....will be frosting with yummy cream cheese frosting and topping that torte with cherry pie filling too! Feel the pounds.......LOL And I'm getting ready to start some creamy chicken noodle soup...courtesy of Paula Deen....I love watching the Food Network...and she recently had this dish on her I'm going to make it......nice cool rainy Sunday...what could be better! Enjoy your day!!!


Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Delightful, as always, Kim! Your quilts are to die for. I love the idea and the result of your "kimono and classics" quilt. It turned out awesome! I wish we lived closer together so we could quilt together!! Rats! Your brother is handsome, are you sure he wants to marry Mona???? LOL
Love ya!

Melissa said...

Kim-your quilts are beautiful. I'm a sucker for Civil War fabrics too. I'm planning to start a Dear Jane in the not so distant future but I have to gather up some fabric. I was planning on making two DJs. One using Civil War repro fabric and a second--which would really be the first since these blocks would be practice using stash fabric.

I also love the mix of fabrics the homespun and the Oriental, doesn't that remind you of what I quilting ancestors might have done. Had their homespun but for whatever reason came across some gorgeous fabric that wasn't exactly enough for a dress, so they used it in a quilt? Or am I just a total dork?

BTW-do you ever do any quilting or do you always send your quilts out to be quilted?

I *heart* red velvet cake! Yum-O!

Jeanne said...

It's so exciting getting the quilts back from the longarmer. I'm dropping a quilt off tonite after work to be quilted - have to get it in so I can get it back in time to mail to my Mom for Christmas. I love the Civil War fabrics but don't really have much of a stash of them. I need to buy a big fat-quarter pack of them. I'm slowly working through my stack of quilting UFO's and tops.