Thursday, September 13, 2007

OMG WHERE has the time gone!!!

EEEEEEEEK! Sorry for the delay in posting! Geez....I haven't gone this long to update the blog in a long time!!!

Well...a GRAND time was had by all last weekend, when my brother and sis-in-law to be came up from Dallas. We had perfect weather, perfect wine, perfect arts festival purchases (can you say POTTERY!), just a perfect weekend! The only downside was it wasn't long enough!

I will post a pic (Deb) soon of the completed's already been washed a couple times so it's nice and frayed and puckery! My favorite look! ;o)

Question for sock knitters out there!!! Did you learn from a class or a book?? And if was a book, please post the name of the book. I want to learn SOON and want to learn with DPNs. One of the yarn shops here in town is having a class, but it's the magic loop method. And, well, I like the look of knitting them with DPNs, so DPNs it shall be!! Please leave a comment if you have experience in sock knitting!

Another question...poll...whatever you want to call it! When purchasing online, do you/would you be inclined to purchase projects that are KITTED or would you rather have individual choices. For example, would you be inclined to purchase a sampler chart that is kitted, partially kitted (chart & linen or chart & threads). Same question for quilt projects....if there was a colorway that you just loved, would you purchase it kitted? Large or small projects? etc. I would appreciate your comments on this! Also--do you have an aversion to purchasing from an Ebay store or do you like to shop at various online sites or an Etsy shop?

These are just questions that are burning up my brain for now! ha! More posting as the weekend comes near! The weather is wonderful....60s...autumn has arrived (almost)! I love it!


Melissa said...

Kim--I prefer to buy charts alone and then kit them up myself. Although if the project required fibers like NPI that I have trouble acquiring locally I might consider a kit.

I know a lot of stitchers love the convenience of kits, online shopping makes it so easy. The only reason I don't buy projects prekitted is the expense. I also own some Dimensions kits and will eventually stitch them but dread the whole sorting threads experience. I love the way BC kits stuff up, or is it HIHN, with the labeled baggies, it's all done, I just have to start stitching.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Kim> I prefer kitting my own things up in stitchery. And, I enjoy the creative process with quilting, as well. However, I have to say that for the first time, I've recently bought a couple of kitted crib quilts for my grandkids and they are darling. So, I was surprised that I did that. I liked the choices of fabric and the quilt design was really great, too. You never know... I also find Shepherd's Bush nice that it's kitted.