Thursday, September 20, 2007

Creative A D D

I have been having some serious...SERIOUS creative ADD lately! This past weekend it was crazy!!! Friday night....I finished cutting my next quilt....the scrappy civil war quilt I mentioned earlier.....and then Saturday...I got up and starting sewing like a banshee!
and THIS is how my sewing table looked late Saturday afternoon......
and then Sunday....I went downstairs and trimmed....trimmed trimmed trimmed.......and trimmed some more.....some stupid amount of blocks.....near 300...I quit counting at 275.....I figured there was really no point.....and this is what I had when I finished early afternoon Sunday.......

and THEN....Sunday NIGHT....I decided I couldn't stand looking at this yummy colorful yarn I had sitting in a basket....and so started some sort of fashion accessory scarf....I don't think it's going to be an "oh it's cold outside where's my scarf" kinda scarf...but rather an indoor accessory.....but I haven't decided yet....and here's where I left that!

Not to worry....I whip a few stitches every now and again when I pass it downstairs.......then....on Tuesday night (Yes...I took Monday night was a MONDAY let me tell you!) on TUESDAY night....I decided it was time to I pressed quilt block units.....and got them all done while I was waiting for the washing machine to cycle through...(Yes...the washing machine is still on the blink and I haven't called a repairman...yet...). But I got this done! Well CRAP...I just deleted the picture...but trust me....I got the units all wasn't that great of a pic anyway!

And THEN I decided it was time to pull these beauties out of the drawer and get busy on them!

Gorgeous vintage pre-worked needlepoint canvasses courtesy of a fabulous ebay auction! I just love the fruit and the shading and the colors and finally found the perfect black wool (again on ebay at a STEAL!) and so now I'm filling in the background.....and then I will be on the hunt for the most beautimus decorator fabric I can find to make lush and yummy pillows with tons of trim and maybe tassels! I can't wait to have them completed! I have the guilt of too many projects! LOL This weekend, I hope to get most of the civil war quilt top pieced. And I'm picking up the needlepoint every now and then when I'm sitting...and the scarf...well heck...the scarf can be done in an afternoon if the guilt REALLY gets to me!

But for now....I'm content with all my started projects, knowing that they will be complete soon....or soonish. LOL

I didn't sign up for any Sock Knitting 101 classes.....still waiting to determine which book is the best for learning sock knitting...or if a class is best. DPNs...not magic loop!

Okay---so that's what I've been up to. I'll post more progress pics this weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying their week!!

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Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Your Sunday was a burst of cosmic energy, Kim!! I have those days, and I don't where they come from. Now I'm stuck looking at my daughter's quilt and trying to muster up the desire to finish it. I was fine with it until she saw it nearly finished and wanted me to add more to it!! Bogged me down...killed the muse!! But, I love what you got done. And, you little needlepoints will be perfect when stitched and finished! Good luck with can surely find some awesome trims to finish the pillows.