Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Happy Sunday! Thought I'd update the blog with quilt pics today! I picked up two from the longarm quilter this week! So excited to get these quilted, as they've literally been in a stack in the sewing room for years! YEARS! Ridiculous! But now they're quilted and I've got binding made....waiting to be put on. This first one is a civil war log cabin...with piano key border.

I just love the mellow-ness of the civil war prints! So worn looking....very nice! Love that barn red accenting in this one too! And the quilting....let me just say...I LOVE it! I asked her to do simple meandering or a psuedo-baptist fan, that she's used before, or something else if she thought it would be better and still look "old". And she DELIVERED! I LOVE this! Not sure if you can see it here in this next photo....

It's like an echoing meander...I can't explain it...but it's now my new fav' meandering for an old vintage look! LOVE it!!!

And this next quilt was an experiment....from my weird brain....I wanted to mix primitive homespuns with exotic oriental prints and I do like the way it turned out!

Do you like it? I just love experimenting with mixing fabrics that you wouldn't necessarily think of putting together! I've got the corners blunted on this one too......that should make for some fun binding...nothing too difficult! And the back is brushed nice and snuggly!!!

And last...but certainly not least...I always love to have pictorial proof that a quilt I've given is being loved! And here's my Soon To Be Sis, Mona (Hi Mona!)....with her Bullseye quilt...we have twinner quilts! Isn't that special? She's just so awesome and I'm thrilled she loves her quilt!!

And proof that's it's being USED and snuggled the clan! Here's Mona with my big brother and their "babies". What a handsome brood!!! Love you guys!!!

This afternoon I'll be watching the football games (sadly---not the Cowboys---since I'm here in ViQUEEN country, I'm stuck watching that pathetic team....GO PACKERS!!!!) and I'll be working on needlepoint background. I've just taken Red Velvet Cupcakes and a torte out of the oven.....will be frosting with yummy cream cheese frosting and topping that torte with cherry pie filling too! Feel the pounds.......LOL And I'm getting ready to start some creamy chicken noodle soup...courtesy of Paula Deen....I love watching the Food Network...and she recently had this dish on her I'm going to make it......nice cool rainy Sunday...what could be better! Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Progress

Happy Monday (is there really such a thing?).......wanted to post some progress to the creative ADD I was suffering from last weekend!

First off -- no pic -- but I finished the scarf......decided to do indoor accessory style.....where you double it, wrap around the neck and pull thru the loop....that kinda's very colorful! I'll try and get a pick of it on my neck sometime and post!

One project done -- CHECK

Second project---the scrappy civil war quilt........finished piecing it all together yesterday BEFORE the Cowboys played!

I love the scrappiness of it all....and all the colors! Can't wait to get this quilted! I used a Miss Rosie's Quilt pattern....from one of her books.....I can't remember the name of the book...but it's her American Pie pattern....can be purchased separately I do believe.

Second project done -- CHECK CHECK

Then last night...while I watched my 'boys kick some Bear ARSE (sorry if you're a Bears fan...I generally route for da'bears...if they're not playing my 'boys or the outcome doesn't hurt the C'boys in any way!) that I've tried to remove any offending connotation to Bears fans'...LOL......while I watched that FABULOUS game last night (34-10 in case you fell asleep....Cowboys won)......I worked on the vintage needlepoint stitching the black background. I'll work on it again tonight while I watch tonight's game. I would love to have these done and ready for some finishing soon! Perhaps I should stick to this project until it's done.......yeah...that would be a grand plan! I have no fabric cut quilt downstairs I should concentrate on black wool background stitching and get those done BEFORE I decide on my next quilt! Sounds like a plan! Don't you think? :o)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Relocation Memories??

It's been with great interest that I've been reading the relocation adventures of "Dogs Steal Yarn" blog author Cari Luna. How exciting...starting over in a new place and the whole adventure of it all! Her little guy is still young, so it's only the two adults that need to really get it in their minds to re-adapt.

Wondering if any of you readers out there have any relocation memories to share? With, perhaps, info on how you handled it with older kids...young teens, etc. We do think of relocating, but I always chicken out thinking that our last guy at home will freak out about it. I don't worry about the older two, as they've already relocated as well....Ash in Ohio and Brennan travelling the country.....but Jake, well...he's 13.....very outgoing and I'm sure he'd be fine....but just wonder if there's anyone out there that has done this (I'm sure there are! There's GOT to be!) and what advice you would have and/or things you would have done differently! Please leave a comment if you can!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Don't you just LOVE squirrels? I do! I LOVE them!!!! And so....before I hit the sack for the evening..thought I'd share one of my fav' YouTube celebrate Bountiful Autumn, which must be the squirrel's favorite season!!

Amazing how smart they are huh? And c'mon....tell me you didn't laugh at least a little! TGIF!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Creative A D D

I have been having some serious...SERIOUS creative ADD lately! This past weekend it was crazy!!! Friday night....I finished cutting my next quilt....the scrappy civil war quilt I mentioned earlier.....and then Saturday...I got up and starting sewing like a banshee!
and THIS is how my sewing table looked late Saturday afternoon......
and then Sunday....I went downstairs and trimmed....trimmed trimmed trimmed.......and trimmed some more.....some stupid amount of blocks.....near 300...I quit counting at 275.....I figured there was really no point.....and this is what I had when I finished early afternoon Sunday.......

and THEN....Sunday NIGHT....I decided I couldn't stand looking at this yummy colorful yarn I had sitting in a basket....and so started some sort of fashion accessory scarf....I don't think it's going to be an "oh it's cold outside where's my scarf" kinda scarf...but rather an indoor accessory.....but I haven't decided yet....and here's where I left that!

Not to worry....I whip a few stitches every now and again when I pass it downstairs.......then....on Tuesday night (Yes...I took Monday night was a MONDAY let me tell you!) on TUESDAY night....I decided it was time to I pressed quilt block units.....and got them all done while I was waiting for the washing machine to cycle through...(Yes...the washing machine is still on the blink and I haven't called a repairman...yet...). But I got this done! Well CRAP...I just deleted the picture...but trust me....I got the units all wasn't that great of a pic anyway!

And THEN I decided it was time to pull these beauties out of the drawer and get busy on them!

Gorgeous vintage pre-worked needlepoint canvasses courtesy of a fabulous ebay auction! I just love the fruit and the shading and the colors and finally found the perfect black wool (again on ebay at a STEAL!) and so now I'm filling in the background.....and then I will be on the hunt for the most beautimus decorator fabric I can find to make lush and yummy pillows with tons of trim and maybe tassels! I can't wait to have them completed! I have the guilt of too many projects! LOL This weekend, I hope to get most of the civil war quilt top pieced. And I'm picking up the needlepoint every now and then when I'm sitting...and the scarf...well heck...the scarf can be done in an afternoon if the guilt REALLY gets to me!

But for now....I'm content with all my started projects, knowing that they will be complete soon....or soonish. LOL

I didn't sign up for any Sock Knitting 101 classes.....still waiting to determine which book is the best for learning sock knitting...or if a class is best. DPNs...not magic loop!

Okay---so that's what I've been up to. I'll post more progress pics this weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying their week!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just for you, Deb!

I wanted to post pics of the finished and washed Bullseye, just for Deb! ;o) I think they both turned out great!!! I just love how the quilt puckers up and instantly looks aged when you wash and dry it! Mona & Richard were thrilled to take theirs home with them, and I have heard that it's already made it thru the wash and has been trimmed up and ready to snuggle!!! :o)
Tonight, I'm down in the sewing room, working on another quilt. This one using all civil war reproduction fabrics and it will be all scrappy (surprise surprise---my fav' type of quilt!). I will post progress pics when there's something to actually look at! Right now it's not very entertaining. ;o)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

OMG WHERE has the time gone!!!

EEEEEEEEK! Sorry for the delay in posting! Geez....I haven't gone this long to update the blog in a long time!!!

Well...a GRAND time was had by all last weekend, when my brother and sis-in-law to be came up from Dallas. We had perfect weather, perfect wine, perfect arts festival purchases (can you say POTTERY!), just a perfect weekend! The only downside was it wasn't long enough!

I will post a pic (Deb) soon of the completed's already been washed a couple times so it's nice and frayed and puckery! My favorite look! ;o)

Question for sock knitters out there!!! Did you learn from a class or a book?? And if was a book, please post the name of the book. I want to learn SOON and want to learn with DPNs. One of the yarn shops here in town is having a class, but it's the magic loop method. And, well, I like the look of knitting them with DPNs, so DPNs it shall be!! Please leave a comment if you have experience in sock knitting!

Another question...poll...whatever you want to call it! When purchasing online, do you/would you be inclined to purchase projects that are KITTED or would you rather have individual choices. For example, would you be inclined to purchase a sampler chart that is kitted, partially kitted (chart & linen or chart & threads). Same question for quilt projects....if there was a colorway that you just loved, would you purchase it kitted? Large or small projects? etc. I would appreciate your comments on this! Also--do you have an aversion to purchasing from an Ebay store or do you like to shop at various online sites or an Etsy shop?

These are just questions that are burning up my brain for now! ha! More posting as the weekend comes near! The weather is wonderful....60s...autumn has arrived (almost)! I love it!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Night Entertainment

The bullseye quilts are back in the house! YAY! I picked them up from my friend, Twyla, today...she did a fabulous job on them! And quick too! Well...quick compared to other machine quilting services I've had the pleasure of using.

So this evening....I'm working on the handwork....sewing the binding down.

Perfect timing too! As one of these quilts is for my new sis-in-law-to-be, Mona, and she and my brother are coming up from Dallas next weekend! I'm so excited! And now she can take her quilt with her!!! It worked out perfectly as far as timing goes!

In other evening entertainment.....I gave Emmitt a good brushing...and in true Emmitt Fashion....whenever he has any sort of grooming performed on his body....afterwards he feels the need to jump up on the loveseat and burrow his face all along the cushions and knock every single pillow off on to the floor and then just lay there.

He's just so damn cute I can't stand it! LOL And then here's Sam...who laid on the floor so quietly and calmly while watching Emmitt go nuts on the loveseat.

I'm sure he's trying to figure out what the heck Emmitt's problem is...but then again, he kinda looks like he really could care less huh? He's a little depressed...hubby went dove hunting (Huh? Yeah...I'm TOLD it's a sport, but I just don't get it at ALL).....anyway....that's where "the man" is, and he left poor Sam he's a little gloomy. He's such a good dog.

Hope your Saturday of this long Labor Day weekend is as far from laborious as you can get!! *Peace!*