Monday, August 06, 2007

Vintage Striped Blanket is Finite!

Wow! That went pretty fast! Behold---the vintage striped afghan....made entirely from mish-mash stash courtesy of Ebay! I can't believe I got so many funky and cool colors in that auction stash! I'm quite pleased, and the dogs like it too! UGH! Have you ever tried to crochet and NOT get dog hair mixed in with your stitches? *SIGH* Ah...the joys of the four legged creatures! Or shall I say the joys of Sam and Ellie----Emmitt does not shed----gotta love Emmitt! ;o)
I decided to finish it off with a multi-colored fringe.....and so hubby helped organize and put seven different colors in a grouping times umteen groupings for the ends.
Yeah..Hi Jerry! Meet Jerry everyone!

I still have to go back and weave the knots in to the afghan...where I ran out of yarn and tied the next strand to it...I'm sure there was probably a better way to do that...but I'm a knot kinda gal I guess. Jerry thinks I should just clip them off...since they're tied in double knots, but I think I need to thread and weave......anyone? Opinions?

So that's what I've been up between work.

I just realized it's been a week or so since I posted! I don't know if it's allergies or what's going on with my "behind the eyes and top of the head" pain thing I've been dealing with...and so tired....and sinus meds don't seem to do I figure it must be allergies. Anyhoo...I've been quite the lump around the house lately...and that has to change!!!

I turned 42 on Saturday the 4th....and I've decided to OWN and CLAIM every FLIPPIN' year! No lying about my have been informing anyone that will listen that 42 is the new 62 and I should be contemplating retirement. Maybe just retirement from the daily usual grind...the typical 8 to 5. Every day I feel braver---like I'm getting closer to stepping outside of that box that some of us a call a comfort zone...and reclaiming my time....finding other ways to make ends meet without having to be on someone else's clock.....I get closer every day!!!!! :o)) So just the fact that I'm feeling braver about it every day is quite the accomplishment....I've always been the people pleaser---the good girl----do what's expected---be responsible----etc. Now I'm not saying I'm going to be IRresponsible...but I'm ready to be a bit unconventional! Heck...I'm even contemplating a TATTOO!!! *insert horrendous gasp here*. LOL Just a small size.....maybe.....just thinking about it. ;o) I'm not a glutton for pain of any sort, so I don't know how far this thought process will go! I'm thinking I would like a colorful sunburst...with the yin-yang symbol or the peace sign in the middle. On the inside of my ankle...or maybe the outside....but something bigger than a quarter....maybe a nickle now...yeah...a nickle. How painful can THAT be?? LOL

OMG how did I get off on THAT little tangent! LOL

Have a great today! Peace! ;o)


Jeanne said...

Your afghan is great Kim! I would probably weave in my ends. Everytime I try to get away with not doing it "right" I seem to get burned! I think everything I own has some dog hair on it. :)

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I found birthdays in my forties(I'm 43) to be a lot easier to accept than my thirties. Thirties made me feel so old, like the end of an era. Forties, an acceptance of the aging process and finally coming to terms with no more babies for a multitude of reasons but the thought of being the 60 yr old mom at graduation was a wake up call for me!

Love your Vintage Striped Blanket. Great colors! Mine won't see the light of day until it starts getting cold again but I should be able to finish it this winter.