Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thought for today (Comments PLEASE!)

Stash or no stash? Do you struggle with simplifying your life, yet still want to hoard a stash of fabric, of yarn, of wool, samplers? Or do you find it best to go along and only acquire whatever you need for a particular project?

I am the first to say that I have struggled with this whole fabric stash idea for a looooooooooooong time. I have amassed a LOT of fabric....though not as much as SOME of you out there in blogland! Seeing other quilters' sewing rooms has given me pause...made me feel okay with mine. However, in my ongoing quest to simplify, etc, I admit that I struggle with whether to get rid of the fabric stash and just purchase fabric for each specific quilt, or keep the stash.

Let me say, that I love scrap quilts, and so always justified the stash that way. But as I go along....I feel like a lot of my scrap quilts are all looking the same...or at least have the same look/feel to them...and why wouldn't they???? It's all the SAME STASH! LOL Do you see the dilema? On the other hand, I love having it there so that when inspiration strikes....I can go downstairs and play and pull fabrics on a whim.

So to purge the stash or not? Or maybe just thin it out and add new? What is the answer? Or just select and purchase for each individual quilt, which would definitely insure different looks in quilts.

Your thoughts and comments please???


Marjean said...

I went through this recently with stitching stash. I made the decision to use what I have at home. I bought stash, wanting to stitch it so I need to stitch it. I figured if something new comes out that I want, I don't have to buy it right away, it will still be there later. I found it to be very liberating. As for scraps from your fabric, maybe it is time to donate those or sell them on Ebay as a box of scraps. Maybe your local quilt store has a scrap exchange box or you can organize an exchange with other quilters in your area. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Kim-I'm very conflicted where stash is concerned. I'm a cross stitcher who also happens to play at crochet, knitting, and quilting and the ever elusive time to scrapbook.

I don't have a huge yarn stash, mostly Red Heart and Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream. I like having that stuff around because truthfully while anything wool is nice, any afghans I own need to be easily washable and able to dried in a dryer. I tend to buy yarn for specific projects and then when I finally get around using it I forget what project I bought it for. With knitting my purchases are also on a project by project basis and I've learned that I need to kit up the yarn and the pattern but I only have a couple of knitting projects and my knitting stash consists of sock yarn and I haven't taught myself to knit socks yet.

My fabric stash is also undercontrol, just barely. I am bad about buying fabric with no project in mind, because I'm not really a quilter. I try, I would love to make beautiful quilts but my sewing skills are nonexistent. I try but I also accept that quilting is something that is slower than cross stitching for me. I envy people that can crank out quilts in a weekend and then just give them away. A quilt for me is a long term commitment because I do everything by hand.

My cross stitch stash is not out of control commpared to others but probably a little crazy considering I have more projects and charts than I could ever stitch in this lifetime.

But all that being said, I have absolutely no guilt attached to any of the supplies and stash I have purchased over the years. Money is a huge issue with us, I worry that if something happens and extra tight restrictions have to be put on the budget, what do you think will be the first to go? My hobbies, my passions. I would go absolutely completely and totally insane if I didn't know my stash was there to fill my time. I call my stash any and all of it my 401K plan. I want to get it organized, I want to know what I have, I definitely want to kit up more cross stitch projects so they are ready to go, I can't even say I won't stop buying stuff. I know I'm shameless. I've been struggling recently with going from DMC to silk threads. Do I really need to add one more fiber addiction to the stash? Why can't DMC be good enough? OK I've been thinking about the whole stash thing all summer. Can you tell?