Saturday, August 25, 2007

They say that Birds of a Feather...

flock together! And so I'm putting this out there for any ambitious quilter that may be reading!! Once upon a time I was entranced by this quilt:

from this book by a couple of my favorite designers -- BLACKBIRD DESIGNS!

So entranced was I, that went here and signed right up for their Block of the Month for the quilt as pictured above. The dark version! Positively lovely! Now...if you go to Homespun Hearth and try and find will not....because they sold out of this Block of the Month quite quickly! It started in January......I have yet to even OPEN a single monthly bag of fabric and start this sucker! GEEZ! Soooooooo....rather than let it sit...on my shelf.....I would like to offer it out to another ambitious quilter that would love to make the quilt! Book and kitted blocks total over $200, but I will sell it and ship it for $145! WOW! What a deal! Please drop me an email if you're interested. I gladly take paypal, credit cards included!

Now...on to more cleaning down in the sewing room............stay tuned.

And OH! DEB! THANK YOU! !!!! I absolutely HATE sewing needlepoint canvas to scroll frame bars...and so will GLADLY use your suggestion and tape them! PERFECT! Thanks tons!!! You're the best!


Lavender Rose said...

Dearest Kim,
You know that I care for you in all things, but, here is the honest truth. That quilt is a disaster waiting to happen! I just spent two days making itty bitty applique pieces for my daughter's quilt which I hope to stitch together (the topper, that is) before August 30th. The applique part is only for the middle piece, which is lucky for me and my DD. Enough said...but, Kim, I think you may have to give that book away. Is there anything else in it??? Can you use the fabrics for anything else???
Love and hugs,

Kim said...

LOL Deb! Now don't get me wrong...I love hand applique...but this just will NOT get done...with all those vines and way! There's always the Bay of Evil as a last resort to get rid of the kit. I'm sure there's SOMEONE out there that wants/needs it! ha! Good luck on your quilt! I'm hoping you'll have a pic on your blog??? :o)))