Friday, August 10, 2007

TGIF again!

OMG it was a DAY! Deadlines looming at the office meant I didn't get the afternoon off like I was supposed to. Woe was me.....finally got out of there at 4:00....promptly came home, laid down to rid myself of the impending headache, and did not wake up and get out of bed until 9:20PM!!!!! Can you say "off kilter body clock"? Yeah...that's what I'm seeing in my future. UNLESS, perhaps I NEEDED the additional sleep and will still get to bed by, oh...say 1AM....then I'll be okay! I don't know why I feel so tired sometimes!

So I am....up late and contemplating weekend projects!

I received a couple items this week......yarn stash! Might I mention that my yarn stash is multiplying quickly!!!!
About as fast as the angora bunnies that this yummy yarn came from multiply! Isn't this fabulous!?!?!?

I found this gal online that spins this yarn from her fuzzy little angora bunnies' fur and then hand dyes it. Believe's fabulous! Super soft and I can't wait to figure out what to use it for! I bought all she had in this color configuration! Love it!!!!

Then I also got this great silk sari fiber...

It's spun from remnants of silk saris over in India. I love the texture and can't wait to couple this with some great chunky wool! Some of it already has a's going to go in to a great handbag I'm going to be working on! Mixed in with a ton of other funky fibers, including some natural wool roving. I'll be sure to post progress on that baby as it comes together! I need to compile a few more funky fibers, but have told myself I need to get a couple other projects finished that I already have supplies a quilt top or two!

Enter this fabric combo..........

Who woulda thunkit! A fabulous Kaffe Fasset print....oversized lotus leaves in a super color combo! Add to that a wonderful old Moda print by Brannock & Patek for the background...and throw in an awesomely wicked poison green from a civil war line...and waalah! I'm going to keep the pattern a secret for now....but will tell you that it is ridiculously simple and I think the lap quilt top will be complete this weekend.....if not tomorrow night! I'll post progress!

I hope you all have creative ambitions for the weekend!!! *Peace!*

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