Thursday, August 30, 2007

Survey & Comment Time!

I'd like to know how many of you work full time from your home.....a home office, telecommuting, etc. I'm curious to know if you miss the office culture, and if you find you have more free time or less, if you feel it impedes on your home life (the work's ALWAYS there), etc. And would you ever go back to the office, or are you just so in love with the ability to throw a load of laundry in while working, that you could never go back! Do you stick to a set 7 or 8 hour time frame, or do you some work here, some there, some at 2AM, whatever it takes to get the job done?

That workstyle has always piqued my it as great as it sounds? Or do you spend your day reading blogs! LOL

Always curious, am I, am I! Please let me hear from you!


Melissa said...

Kim-I work from home as a writer. Ok 2007 is the first year of my life where I could officially say "I'm a writer" I can even put it on my tax form this year because I'm getting paid, but that's not the point. But I find I have to show a lot of selfdiscipline or I would spend all day stitching instead of writing. I'm easily distracted especially when the writing gets difficult. I think working from home would be easy if you have a set time period that you are working and you don't deviate from it. I have friends that work from home as medical transcriptionist but they might as well punch a time clock because they are expected to work during a certain time frame--clock in and out, it's not as free as you'd imagine. The only perk seems to be you can work in your PJs.

Brenda said...

First of all, thank you! for adding my Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting Blog Button on your side bar.

As for work environments, I have experienced a number of different scenarios including international law firm offices working with large project teams; Government policy departments; corporate secondments; part-time/telecommuting and (currently) self-employed.

I never missed the dynamics of office interaction but my preferred work style has always been pretty independent. Besides, if you have an external client, there is always lots of communication happening.

I agree with Melissa's comments about distractions. On my work-from-home days, my quilting studio doubled as my office. I would have quilts-in-progress on my design wall and the ocean out my window, but I would have to focus on complex regulatory documents on my computer screen. I only did it for nine months while a work colleague took parental leave. I'm sure I would have struggled to keep focus for any longer duration.