Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rug progress...

This is my first I'm quite excited by this progress! The first is an overall view...and the second, a close up. LOVE working with these dyed wools!

I will say that I'm not exactly enjoying the process just yet....I don't know if the hook I'm using is too fine for these wool and the backing or tends to get snagged and tangled. If there are any rug hookers out there, I would really appreciate knowing if there's some big magic trick to stopping that from happening. The hook I have seems quite thin/fine, but it's the one the lady that sold me the kit included, so am assuming it's okay. It's a Joan Moshimer hook.

But I will trudge on! ;o) This is a just a small "welcome" rug. I have two more rug patterns waiting in the wings....both scrappy....I love scrappy! ;o)

Hope your weekend's been grand! :o)


Suse said...

Can't help I'm afraid. My one and only attempt to hook a rug was when I was 13. It remains unfinished, of course.

Nice blog! And thanks for the link on your sidebar, I see. :)

Lavender Rose said...

Hi, Kim,
It could be too much crowding. You may need to leave more space between the wood strips. They should fill in themselves. It's just like knitting for the first time...we can get too tight with our stitches. I'm not sure if that's the culprit, or not. I know it was with my first try.

Kim said...

Hi guys! Well I have found that I am using too fine of a have a primitive size Moshimer hook better handle those 1/4" strips! Deb---do you think it's too tight? I skipped 2 and 3 threads between stitches. I hope the new hook helps things!

Suse...I love your blog! And your socks! That's my next thing...I'm signing up for a sock class so I can be a sock knitter!!! YAY!!!

Margie said...

Your rug is beautiful! I've always wanted to try that but quilting and needlework keeps me pretty busy! :-)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Kim,
I'm glad you solved the issue with a new hook coming! I couldn't figure out what was happening. I wasn't sure it was crowding, just trying to help you think it through.
:) The wools shouldn't be soooo difficult to pull through, is all I know...