Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Okay---after I posted my blog update last night...still couldn't I went ahead and cut out the fabrics for the quilt top! Then started sewing strip sets....and finally decided to try and sleep about 2:30AM. Got back up at 9:15AM.......puttered around....watched a movie....then downstairs for laundry and sewing and WALAAAAAAH!!! Quilt top is done! How ridiculously easy was THIS to piece!

This was one of those patterns that is meant to utilize a great fabric that you don't really want to cut up into small this Kaffe print fit the bill for me! The pattern is by Maple Island Quilts.... BQ2 is the name. It doesn't call for a border....just quilt and bind if that's the case, I shall bind it with a wider binding than usual.....using the Kaffe Print. I think it's great for a quick piecer! Measures about 52 x 65, so a nice size! :o) I can't WAIT to figure out how I want it quilted....I think that will really make it come alive! Any suggestions for quilting on this? Feel free to leave a comment!

Yay! Mission accomplished---quilt top pieced! That was too easy I'm STILL not going to let myself purchase more yarn stash....I have to work on something else from stash...whether it's stiching or quilting...or even the rug hooking project I've started. I will buy NO YARN this weekend....NONE. I will work on stash projects this whatever comes Monday...well, that's another story! ha!

Happy Saturday everyone! *Peace!*

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