Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Little Blog Redecorating...

has taken place. Deb--you are NOW in my blogs link! :o) I switched templates...added some things....and man, is it ever easier to add links and blogs, etc.! I LOVE it!

I'm all about spreading the love....(that's that neo-inner-hippie in me) if you happen to stumble on my blog and want me to link yours, just shoot me an email or leave a comment. I'm always thrilled to check out new blogs! and it's always fun to see how many people really do read mine! :o)

Nothing much new in my corner of the midwest.....recuperating from a nasty sinus thing...or maybe it's allergies...or maybe there's a 'bug' going around....but in any event....2 1/2 days off work, lots of naps and meds and I'm back to somewhat normal, although those that know me would argue that I'm usually always FAR from normal! ha!

On the project front....I'm knitting again....I know, I know, it's just another dishrag....but I couldn't STAND it! I had to get those needles in my hands! I'm going to be working on finding a project to use that yummy angora bunny yarn....and also have a list of funky yarns to pick up for a really cool bag I'll be making. Quilt-wise----nothing cut out...nothing. Nada...zilch...ZIPPO! I do have a stash of civil war fabrics and a background waiting to be cut in to a TON of squares for a Miss Rosie's pattern...I love her patterns...but there is SO MUCH piecing...and therefore so MUCH CUTTING! So I really have to be "in the mood", and obviously I haven't been! If anything, I would say I'd be in the mood to pull for an applique quilt...but then...nah. Quilting is just not on my list of things to work on right now. Quilting rut Stitching--it's still Abigail Parish, though she hasn't seen the light of day since I last posted about her. Rug hooking----I have one on the frame...and it has been 'begun' for a while now.

I hope everyone's week is going swell....if you didn't know it...tomorrow's FRIDAY! So then that means that all bets are off as far as what's on my project agenda for the weekend! I'll touch base later and let you know what made it to the top of the pile! I *DO* have a needlepoint kit or two that I would like to get started...or at least perhaps some "sew needlepoint canvas on to scroll frame bars" is on the agenda for the weekend! We'll see!

Oh Oh OH! I mention....that I hope everyone witnessed the fine FINE showing the Cowboy's put on during the preseason game last week!? It's going to be a good year! ;o)

Okay---I'll end this for now. Remember---if you'd like me to put your blog in my link, just let me know--somehow---and I'll make it happen.

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Lavender Rose said...

Oh, Kimber, you darling little thing!! I'm so happy I'm now added to your bloglist!! Yay! :)
2ndly: You sound like me trying to decide which project to pick up to work on next..quilt, knit or ndpt. or stitch...?
3rdly: BTW, don't stitch your needlepoint to the frame. You only need to stitch cross stitch to the frames. Unless you're using the SAME frame. If you are...just tape it to the frame with packing tape and wind it up tight. That will hold it. By all rights, your needlepoint would be best tacked or stapled to wooden stretcher bars, though. Do I sound like your mom?? Oh, no!!! :o
4thly: Have you seen the latest Vanna's choice of knitting and crocheting book? Usually I'm scornful of poor Vanna, but this book does have some great ideas and combinations using Lion's Brand yarns. I got my copy at JoAnns.
Love ya,